3 Things You Might Not Know about the PS1

3 Things You Might Not Know About the PS1

There’s nothing like the old-school PS1. Here are 3 Things You Might Not Know About the PS1! We all remember games like Crash Bandicoot, the InFamous startup sounds, and carefully protecting our games from getting scratches.

But there was so much more the PS1 could actually do. Read further to brush up on your knowledge about your favorite console and learn how to start playing the best PS1 classics today without having a physical console.

things you might not know about the ps1

3 Things You Might Not Know About the PS1

Internet Connection

Today you can hardly surprise anyone with an electronic device that can browse the Internet. But in 1994, this feature was truly revolutionary. Back then cell phones and tablets were barely a thing, and online gaming was a distant dream of the future. Still, these early concepts didn’t stop Sony from developing a way to connect your phone to a PS1 for multiple tasks.

Released exclusively in Japan, the PS1 I-mode was a special software and hardware package, which allowed gamers to connect a cell phone directly to the console. Much like the bulky cell phones from back in the day, the PS I-mode was pretty limited in capabilities but cool to use at that time.

Players could use the phone to connect to the Internet, where their small collection of online games could be played. Browsing pages were mostly limited to text, but text-only websites were the majority of the web back in the 1990ies anyway. It still must have been pretty cool to load up news headlines, sports scores, and other information all from the PS1.

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You Can Play PS1 Games without the PS1

The Internet has evolved tremendously since the PS1 release. Now you can find virtually anything online and obtain the tools that can enable you to do things hitherto impossible. The same goes for playing your favorite PS1 titles without actually having a good old PS1 console.

Modern emulation software has been designed for old-school gamers, true connoisseurs of vintage gaming consoles like the PS1. Such tools as emulators can be installed on a modern device like your smartphone or PC and serve as a full-fledged retro console. You can also get a reliable PS1 emulator, download a couple of games in the form of ROM files, and dive headfirst into retro gaming.

If you’re a fan of Sony’s consoles, go search for an emulator designed specifically for your favorite console. Today, there are plenty of emulators that allow you to simulate PS2, PS3, and other famous successors of the PS1.

Note that the downloaded PS emulator may require a dedicated BIOS file to work as intended. You can easily find PS1, PS2, and PSX BIOS online, put it into your emulator, and enjoy your games in enhanced quality.

Ability to Convert Portable Games

For many decades Nintendo has provided a handheld gaming console to complement their home console. And Sony looked to get in this market with the special PS1 accessory known as a PocketStation. While the PS2 introduced the true sidekick handheld in the form of the Sony PSP, the PS1 attempted to do things a little bit differently with the PocketStation.

The handheld featured a 1-inch screen, small buttons, and was so small that it could fit into the pocket of some skinny jeans. The PocketStation worked in a number of different ways. And one of the main uses was a personal organizer. The PocketStation plugged into the PS1 memory card slot and also had the ability to save games.

The best part about the device was the ability to connect and download the exclusive mini-games taken from actual PS1 games. A large library of PS1 games featured exclusive PocketStation content. This included games like All Japan Pro Wrestling, Final Fantasy VIII, Crash Bandicoot 3, and Street Fighter 03 among others.

All those splendid things the PS1 could do seem ordinary and unimportant in the Digital Age. Nevertheless, the rich legacy of the PS1 deserves to be perpetuated for many years to come. Don’t hesitate to play the best titles released by the PS on your modern devices and never let the celebrated classics sink into oblivion.

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