how to use emotes in funky friday

How To Use Emotes In Roblox Funky Friday

Hello, Gamers! Looking For How To Use Emotes In Roblox Funky Friday and New Update Codes for funky Friday right? the new update on 19th July came out on the Funky Friday game server and now you can use amazing emotes like sitting above the speakers, penguin emote and stylish animation etc!

how to use emotes roblox funky friday

Some users are already familiar with doing the emote thing in funky Friday server, if you are a beginner to this Roblox server don’t worry you can also simply do this thing without any issues from any device you are using to play this game like IOS mobile/console/desktop windows laptop or mac and android mobile etc.

The Funky Friday Game is a popular beat box battle game server available in the Roblox developed by Lyte Interactive. the same developer of a popular game cheese as well. this game also has 524 million+ visits till now and it is only created on 26/02/2021 but went viral and playing more than 55k+ visitors every day!

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Over 91% of the Roblox users about 937k+ upvoted this game this The max visitors allocated on this is 14 as well, right now many of the users are looking for the how-to get these emotes/animations and how to unlock it, if you are also the one who is also searching for it here you can check it out!

This new update comes with new animations like Ruby Animations, Stylish and sunday animation as well, they also removed the Thorns animation on this version update! they also tried to improve the song balancing and the solo play wait time removed for the VIP servers.

How To Use Emotes In Roblox Funky Friday?

To Get/use the Emote Animations in Funky Friday Roblox,

  • Open Shop Menu by tapping Shopping icon
  • then tap on emotes tab and unlock emotes from there
  • the two emotes are available for free
  • to unlock Stylsh and and penguin emote you need 350 and 500 points to buy it!
  • you can simply unlock it by earning points using new codes and playing music battle
  • To us the emote all you have to do is go to any music battle box and jump over the speakers
  • the emotes will be shown automatically!
use emotes roblox funky friday

here you can also check out the following video for demo,

What are the New Update Codes for funky Friday

you can use these new codes on Funky Friday easily by just tapping the Twitter icon available on the game as well,

  • 250M
  • 100M
  • 19DOLLAR

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