how to get haki in pixel piece roblox

How To Get Haki in Pixel Piece Roblox

Pixel Piece game has been released recently and many new players joined it to experience the new world. after the release, it got good responses from the players more than 50k+ active players came to the server! still, the game is in development and developers are working on it to give good experiences to the players.

get haki in pixel piece

who loves anime adventure-type games, this will be your cup of tea! they added many quests and interesting missions to engage all users well. now they have added 200+ levels with a big map and locations in it so the users can roam around this new world and explore newer things, levels, and amazing skills.

People are now looking for an easy method to get haki in this pixel piece. the versions include v1, v2, and v3. in order to collect it you have to do some of the steps and some level requirements are essential. here is how you can claim this item without any confusion.

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users who are trying to access it via phone received many bugs and experience issues like frame drops etc, but right now they introduced a new update that came on 31 Jan 2023 which includes fixes for mobile users too.

How to Get Haki In Pixel Piece Roblox Game?

To collect the Haki go near the orange island docks end and run towards the west side straight. after going straight you will be able to see an island named Vaill. now enter the location to find the spawn area and press “E” to set the change spawn area.

on vaill island head over to the NPC to start this mission, it requires up to 5000 coins. it shows to eliminate 5 gorillas. to do it just enter the cave and beat gorillas. it takes up to 10 minutes for users who do it in single-player mode. adding more friends will help to save more time while doing the quest.

Once you finish it you will be able to claim a new item called haki armament and soul as well. it can be upgraded to version 2 by 17000+ exp points and version 3 after receiving 50000+ as well.

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