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How To Change Profile Picture On Zoom App Mobile Android and IOS

Hello friends, Are you new to zoom app and want to know How To Change Profile Picture On Zoom App on both android and ios for pc or mac also? Do you tried changing the profile picture on zoom recently and didn’t find the method? here I will help you to how you can easily profile picture on your zoom meeting app.

many of the users also want to know how to remove profile picture on zoom app also, here in this article i will also share you the method to remove picture as well.

how to change profile picture on zoom

Changing profile picture on zoom app is an easy and a simple task, but changing profile picture on zoom app using google chrome extension is a little bit confusing task. if you are using the zoom application for meeting and video conferencing you may want to change your existing image on zoom cloud meeting to a newer one from your local disk or hard disk is not possible right now.

But you can try all of the other features like joining the zoom cloud meetings and start face to face meetings and share your application screen as well with your zoom meeting participants in high quality video and audio quality as well.


How To Change Profile Picture On Zoom App?

Some times when we try to change profile picture on zoom mobile app you can’t even see the profile option to change the profile pic. in this case watch this video tutorial to fix this issue.

To change Profile picture on zoom app in an easy method follow these steps provided below,

I recommend you to use an android device or ios mobile device to simply change your profile picture

change profile picture zoom

After signing in to your zoom account you will see an interface like this on your mobile screen on both ios and android.

To change profile picture on zoom, just click on “Settings” and click on profile

change profile picture zoom

Then click on the profile photo option to add or change profile picture on zoom app. you can easily select and upload picture from your gallery or directly from the camera as well.

change profile pic zoom app

Here you can see in the following screenshot of zoom cloud meetings app, i changed my profile picture as well.

zoom profile picture change

How to remove profile picture from Zoom App?

Removing profile picture from a zoom app feature is not added now on the android app or ios, but if you are using the windows laptop or pc or mac, Read this article to change/remove profile picture easily.

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