how to hide comments on instagram live

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live Videos 2020

Hello Everyone Welcome back! I hope you all having an amazing day as well. Are you looking for How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live Videos 2020 or how to hide chat on Instagram live on someone’s/other Instagram live videos? sometimes we feel seeing a lot and a lot of messages and Loves from public people and unknown users we feel disgusting and can’t continue to watch your loved ones live videos.

how to hide comments on instagram live video

Or sometimes if you want to go for live on Instagram and you have a lot of followers, you may have some privacy issues and want to see comments only from your following users and hide comments from public people as well. here I will help you guys to solve your issues on how to hide comments on Instagram live as a viewer / when watching Instagram live of other users or if you are going live on Instagram.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live Videos 2020?

In case of Android and Ios users to Hide comments on Instagram live videos,

Hiding comments on the official version on instagram app if you are watching instagram live videos of someone’s as a viewer is not possible right now on the official instagram app. the instagram app is not yet added any features to hide the live comments from others videos.

but if you tap above the center on the live video apart from the comment session you can easily reduce the viewability or the size on the Instagram comments and enjoy watching others live videos by hiding comments to a minimum. if you touch the chats again the screen will be maximized and can see all comments instantly.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live Videos From laptop Pc/ mac?

If you have any laptop pc or mac you can simply use any Instagram extensions from chrome store in order to watch Instagram live without showing unwanted public comments and provides an option to save it to your pc as well. if you are using desktop computers or mac which having Google Chrome installed (Download It From Here) can be easily used to watch the Instagram live videos by hiding comments or chats as a viewer easily.

You can Check out that post as I made recently from here – How To Watch and Save Instagram Live On Laptop Pc and Mac on Chrome as well.

If you are the host/ If you are Going to live and hide comments on Instagram live,

Instagram app provides some privacy settings to make your accounts more secure by providing many case if you have lot of followers and want to hide comments you can choose the privacy options from the settings on your instagram profiles.

how to hide comments on instagram live

when you open settings and select privacy option>Comments>Allow Comments From option you can change to comments from your followers only mode, people you follow and people you follow and your followers can be selected from here.

I hope all of my readers like this post on How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live Videos 2020 well, so i suggest you to hide entire chat you should try using a laptop/desktop computer to watch live stream videos without any comments easily.

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