how to start a blog and make money in 2020

How To Start A Blog and Make Money in 2022

Hello Everyone! I hope you all having an amazing day! Friends, Are you looking for How To Start A Blog and Make Money in 2022? Starting a blog is the right thing right now and starts making money online. if you have good skills and interest in writing articles you can convert them to real cash in many ways.

here in this article, I will help you guys with a successful blog easily. if you are interested in creating a money-making/blogging website that can make you unlimited money for a lifetime period just follow the steps without skipping as provided here.

how to start a blog and make money in 2022

Many users are looking for how to make money blogging because this can earns more than any other job and have a good future in blogging. this is the best time you can do a blog or create a blogging website because everyone is now staying at home right now and people are working online as well,

you guys can also start making money blogging by staying at your home easily. if you have an active internet connection and a Laptop pc computer or mobile can easily start a blogging website and make money in 2020 and so on.


How To Start A Blog and Make Money in 2022?

I know all of the readers are interested in starting a blog and earning from it here I will show you how to start a blog, the best blogging platform to make money and make money blogging fast, also the best types of blogs that make money as well. to start a successful money-earning blog you should take and select all of these carefully.

First To Start A Blog you should have a Good Niche

Niche Means A Category or topic which you want to start a blog website. the category you selected should be unique and you should also have an interest in writing content based on this topic or niche. if you select a good quality niche category, you can earn more money, and readers will be more likely to read all of the articles you wrote on your blog. you should select a perfect niche carefully to start a money blogging website in 2020.

Pick A Perfect Domain Name

Picking a perfect Domain name is another essential step for a successful money-making website, I suggest you to create a domain name on the basis of the niche or category you selected. if you wanna write articles about blogging, you can choose the domain names like,, etc increases the SEO search engine optimization and get more reach through google and other search results as well.

Choose Good Blogging Platform and Best Hosting

This is another essential step you should carefully choose to start a blog for the long term using without any server issues. there are many blogging platforms available like blogger, WordPress etc, blogger is a free platform to start site, but on blogger the customizations and usage of plugins to make your website better is not available, I suggest if you wanna try and use the best customization features and good writing interface, you should try using the WordPress platform with the best hosting service providers.

Why you should Avoid using a free hosting provider and use paid plans?

Guys if you wanna make a successful blogging website and make money in 2020 please go with paid hosting service providers and avoid using the free hosting websites, because all of the websites which provide you free hosting services are totally crap and if one or more users enter into your website, the site will go down and many of them are totally fake to make money by showing the ads.

Here I will suggest the best hosting service providers that I personally love and which provide you to boost high website speed with free CDN servers which also provide 24*7 service support to the customers as well.

Siteground is the best service provider is the best hosting service you can use and start a successful blog that provides you high website loading speed by boosting the images and using CDN. it also provides an SSL (HTTPS) Certificate, Auto-updates, and daily backups for free. just click here and select any plan you like as provided below,

start a blog and make money in 2020

If you wanna get a high-speed loading website and powerful servers that provides you good stand time, just click here to get hosting and choose a plan according to your need, if you are a beginner go with a Startup plan and if you are getting more views go with big plans. the beginner plan is also the best one that can handle up to more users at a time.

After that just choose a perfect domain as i told you above after selecting a plan for your website

how to start a blog in 2020

After clicking the proceed button enter all of the payment details and the data center, you should select the Data Center according to the location of the users you want to get more Audience/traffic and engagement to your website.

how to start blog and earn money 2020

Then click on the Select new website option and click on the start now button to start using the WordPress site easily.


then click on the start now option and choose the email and good strong password for the website, that information you entered is required for every time you enter to the dashboard to write the posts/article.

After Setting up the WordPress hosting you can quickly enter the dashboard by entering this by adding your domain name to this URL. eg – and enter your username or email and password you choose during the setup.

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Also, you can check this video tutorial provided below to start and install easily

After checking up and setting up the WordPress website, try using the free themes like GeneratePress or Astra which are free to use and provide a good interface as well.

Also, check – How to start blog on bluehost

Types of blogs that make money

You can go with creating blogs on

  • Health
  • Mental/psychology
  • Life style
  • Technology
  • Games
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Blogging
  • Home Decorations
  • Money making
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Educations
  • Financial Help
  • Hospitality
  • Parenting
  • Famous Celebrities/personalities etc can make more money

If you like creating the website of the affiliate, you can earn more through affiliate sales from your website, you can use affiliate marketing by selling the products from amazon and other websites to earn high commissions as well.

how to make money blogging fast?

earning money blogging fast is possible only through good hard work and good keyword research, the content is the king, and don’t stop writing articles and start making high-quality content on your part times and these days staying at home.

I hope you all like this post well, also make sure to contact me on Instagram or by mail for any doubts, and support me by clicking the bell icon/ subscribe button to receive the latest updates on tech updates and more Instantly!

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