how to read instagram messages without knowing

How To Unread Instagram DM Messages Without them Seen Android/Iphone

how to unread instagram message

How to Unread Instagram DM messages without seen/without them knowing trick for android/iPhone

How to Unread Instagram DM messages without seen/without them knowing trick is possible and very easy to use. in some cases, you want to read messages or Instagram DMs without them knowing or secretly reading is essential.

In this article, I will show you the best ways to how to unread Instagram messages without them knowing easily.

how to see instagram messages without them knowing

first, open any Instagram profile you want to unread Instagram messages

instagram restrict account

After clicking three dots you will see an option called Restrict account.

instagram read message withot seen

Now click on the restrict button.after that you can unread their new messages received on Instagram without them knowing easily.

instagram restrict account

here you can see this method is working perfectly and the user will not notify about the message as seen by you.

Screenshot 20191229 144224 YouTube

Check the above screenshot. this trick has been tested and works perfectly. by using this method you can easily unread Instagram.messages without seen.

Alternative method

you can also hide the insta message seen option by turning on airplane mode on your iPhone or Android phone and then open the DM message you received. this will also help to read messages without them knowing easily.

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