whats background app refresh means

Whats Background App Refresh On iPhone IOS Option means

Hello Friends! I hope you all are safe at home! Do you wanna know Whats Background App Refresh On iPhone IOS Option means and know what happens if I turn background app refresh off? here I will share with you what is background app refresh and its features as well in this article well. you guys should read this article well and I will try to add the required information you are now looking for on the internet.

whats background app refresh on iphone

Many users go through the settings and you might be noticed this option or feature called “Background App Refresh” turned on right there. if you open the Settings and General you can see an option called Background app refresh. Many users are curious about this option seen on the iPhone settings and want to know its main purpose or functions and the some of the users also want to know how to enable or disable the background app refresh option.


Whats Background App Refresh On iPhone IOS Option means?

Background App refresh is an option which is available on setting which can be enabled or disable of your choice. by enabling this option background app refresh which shows notifications for all apps installed on your iphone as well. only through enabling this app refresh option can fetch new notifications in background without opening the app you installed.here you can also select few app to fetch new information from the general>Background app refresh option.

How To Enable and Disable Background app refresh iphone?

you guys can simply tap on the setting app from the home screen on your iphone/ipad and then tap the general>background app refresh where you can simply select “ON” of “OFF” as your wish.

What happens if I turn background app refresh off on iPhone?

If you turn off this background app refresh feature on iPhone device which will no longer show the new information and notifications without opening the applications and if you are looking to increase your iPhone battery life you can disable this background app refresh. but it affects the apps usage and IOS experience a little bit. and I suggest you guys turn this feature on to enjoy the good experience and turning on this option will not drain your battery more. if you are running low on battery percentage to get little more time usage you can disable it.

Although, Background App Refresh feature on iPhone is a well-optimized and efficiently tested by developers and this one is good for the good experience while using your mobile device.

how to background app refresh not working?

Some time you may face this problem as well, the reasons for background app refresh not working is slower internet connections and memory usage issues, try fixing the network connection speed or wifi to receive informations and notifications from the apps you installed and try clearing the cache and free the storage. if this issue not fixed try disabling the background app refresh and enable it again after restarting your device.

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