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How to Claim/Get Free Discord Nitro Epic Games Not Working Fix

Hello Everyone! wanna know How to Claim/Get Free Discord Nitro Epic Games Not Working Fix 2021or epic games discord nitro how to claim without a credit card/debit and not working fix right? this free discord nitro is one of the biggest offers provided during this Epic games offer period going on right now!

how to claim/get free discord nitro epic games

how to get free nitro from epic games/ how to activate discord nitro from epic games is also the most awaited one that most offer we are eagerly waiting for! this free nitro can be claimed before the date june 24th you can enjoy using free three months of free discord nitros!

During this free giveaway epic games already provided Games like Among Us, NBA 2k21, Control, Genshin impact, etc exclusively for free for all of the epic game users! during this period you can claim or purchase any of these games for free and will be added to their account library!

Whenever you want to play the game you can download it from the library itself in one click all you have to need to good data connection and space for the required game. in the recent year give away provided by epic games GTA V is given for free for all users! but now the users who don’t purchase at that time are regretting now because it’s paid now!


What are the features of Discord Nitro?

By using the Discord Nitro you can enjoy more premium features than free account like, Discord nitro charges $9.99 per month usually, but using the epic games you can enjoy three months of Discord nitro for free!

  • More Profile Personalization
  • HD Screen Share Support
  • Make your own emojis
  • Custom tags
  • Animated emojis support
  • Server Boosts
  • Live Streaming etc and a lot more!

How to Claim/Get Free Discord Nitro Epic Games Not Working Fix

To get or claim the free discord nitro is very simple and easy to follow as well, First of all to claim the Free Nitro,

  • Download and Install Epic Games Launcher
  • Then Sign in/ Create an Account
  • Then Open Store Tab
  • Discord Nitro will be Shown There
  • Select Discord Nitro tap on get it Now option
  • Then Complete the order and check your mail
  • you will get the mail with redeem option
  • Tap on it to Claim Discord nitro free for 3 months!

Here are some screenshots shown below taken at the time of getting the free discord nitro,

free discord nitro epic games how to claim

Once you complete the order it shows like owned as shown on the above picture, after that you will receive an email from the epic games that may take up to 5 minutes to arrive, wait for it and select the redeem now option as shown below!

discord nitro how to claim epic games

when you select redeem now option you will be directed to the Discord Account, you need to verify by sign in to it from there! after that you have to give payment info to claim the Free Nitro for the Discord as well.

free discord nitro epic games

How to fix Epic Games Free Discord Nitro Not Working?

Many of the Discord users who try to claim the free discord nitro could not have been completed because of huge traffic towards the Epic games site and orders placed by a lot of users got some errors! Right now there are no issues while claiming the epic games nitro!

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