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How To Add Music to Instagram Video Post and Picture 2021

Do you want to know How To Add Music to Instagram Video Post and Picture 2020 without using Instagram story feature? you may see many of your friends are posting Instagram video posts with music added and songs added on Instagram picture posts recently.

how to add music to instagram video post

Here I will teach you how you can also post on Instagram by adding custom songs/music from your mobile device to an Instagram post you want to upload on Instagram as well. by following this simple method you can easily add music to Instagram posts which supports both the android and ios devices well.


How To Add Music to Instagram Video Post and Picture 2021?

Adding songs/music directly from the Instagram official application is currently not possible, but the only way to add music songs to Instagram posts by adding it to the Instagram story and saving it to the gallery with the help of Instagram story saving apps.

But here i will show you an easy method to add music to Instagram video post/picture by following these methods provided below,

To add Music to Instagram posts/add song to Instagram picture,

To add music and songs to instagram posts from both online and offline (from you mobile device music gallery, firt you need to get the following app as shown below,

add music to instagram video post

This App name is “Story Beat” which is a best app for instagram posts and instagram story to add custom songs and music from your gallery and also provides more features for daily instagram users as well.

You can get this Story Beat app from here for IOS Devices and Android From here!

To do how to add music to Instagram video post/add music to your Instagram picture post, just select video or picture you want to add music song to the post from the gallery.

add song to instagram post

Here you can add Music from Online and add song from your library of your mobile device also. you can also use this app to trim or select and adjust the beginning of the music by touching and dragging it.

add music to instagram post

After adding and adjusting the portion of the music you want to add on the Instagram story post and save it to the gallery by clicking on the share button easily.

add music to instagram picture

After click the export video option, to add or post it to Instagram simply tap on the Instagram icon right there as shown in the above screenshot or click the save video option to save it to your gallery as well.

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