how to watch and save instagram live pc

How To Watch and Save Instagram Live On Laptop Pc and Mac on Chrome

Welcome to all my Friends, do you wanna know How To Watch and Save Instagram Live On Laptop Pc and Mac on Chrome browser in a simple method? here i will provide you how you can easily watch instagram live on a laptop, mac or a PC with the help of google chrome web browser installed in it.

watch and save instagram live on laptop pc

By using Instagram on laptop pc or mac by a web browser, you can’t see or watch the live videos of your favorite people or celebrities and save them to your pc computer. in order to watch the live videos on the Instagram web on a laptop pc follow these simple steps.


How To Watch and Save Instagram Live On Laptop Pc and Mac on Chrome?

If you wanna watch your favorite instagram live on a laptop or pc, the best web browser which support variety of extensions is Google Chrome.

First, you should download and install Google Chrome Web Browser From here for Windows and Mac from here.

On Google chrome browser you should sign in with your gmail id to access chrome web store, by using google chrome web store you can access large variety of extensions which helps you more.

Open chrome web store and search for “IG stories for Instagram”

how to watch instagram live on laptop

Then click on add to chrome option

Or you can also get this IG Stories for Instagram Google chrome Extension directly from here to watch Instagram live on a laptop pc or a mac easily from this link provided here.

watch instagram live on pc

After that simply click on the add extension option to add to your google chrome app on you pc or mac.

To watch Instagram live on laptop pc or to save Instagram live on pc or mac,

First of all just log in to your instagram account and click the instagram live stories extension from here,

see instagram live on computer

Click on Go to IG stories option to switch to the instagram stories of your followed people list. here you can see and search the profile or username of user who sharing instagram live video you want to see.

save instagram live video on pc

After that just tap on the eye icon to watch Instagram live from your laptop pc computer easily. this google chrome extension support on both the mac and windows equally. if you are using another operating system which having a google chrome extension also supports well.

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