how to change chat colour on instagram ios

How To Change Chat Bubble Colour On Instagram IOS and Android

Are you looking for How To Change Chat Bubble Colour On Instagram IOS and Android/How To Change Chat Message Colour On Instagram IOS and Android? here in this post, I will share you the best method how you can get this change chat/message bubble text colour in the Instagram app very easily. it is possible to change the theme on Instagram DMS/chats text colour with the help of an app by Instagram.

change chat bubble colour instagram ios android

Many of the Instagram users want to get more attractive chats for Instagram and by changing the chat color on the Instagram app makes you feel more comfortable and better look.instagram recently introduced the best app related to Instagram to make it possible by making this app. this method can be used on both the Android and IOS devices as which works well without any issues!

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How To Change Chat Bubble Colour On Instagram IOS and Android?

You can easily change your Instagram chat bubble colour by simply watching this video tutorial provided below, by following these methods you can easily change chat bubble color from the list. Readers, recently the new update came on Instagram, and to know the latest UPDATED version check out! – HOW TO CHANGE CHAT MESSAGE COLOR ON INSTAGRAM!

You can easily get this app on the play store to make your Instagram chat colorful. by using the app you can easily switch themes according to your mood. This app is introduced by Instagram which is known as “Threads from Instagram” You can get this App from here to Change Instagram dm color or change message colour on Instagram easily.

if you are using ios iPhone devices, to change dm chat bubble colour you can get this Threads app from here.

how to change chat bubble colour on instagram
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If you are from united states this app can be used in your country easily or if you are outside united states, you need to use any VPN app and select the USA as your country to get this app on play store. you should create or select a new Gmail id while using VPN app on your mobile device to get this app to use Instagram chat colour change feature on Instagram.

instagram chat message colour change

you can see on the above image chat colour on Instagram can be changed according to your mood with the help of this threads can easily change chat bubble colour/dm colour according to your mood. you can change dm message colour to purple, blue, black, orange, pink etc easily as shown below.

change chat color instagram ios and android

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