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How To Delete Profiles On Hulu App IOS and Android 2021 Remove profiles on Hulu

Hello Guys what’s up? hope you all having an amazing day! Are you looking for How To Delete Profiles On Hulu App IOS and Android 2021? can’t see or know how you can easily remove or delete the profiles on the Hulu app from both the android and ios, here I will also show you to remove profiles from Hulu tv app also as well.

how to delete profiles on hulu app ios and android 2020

What Is Hulu?

Hulu tv app is famous united states based service which allow users to watch and stream movies and tv shows online with the help of the internet. this Hulu app is a subscription-based service and which is started in 2007 onwards. this Hulu have more than 29 million+ active users and growing it day by day. if you are new to Hulu app you can try this Hulu trial version to enjoy the experience first before buying the subscriptions as well.

The features of the Hulu are,

  • Hulu Live Tv provides more than 66+ Live channels in high quality streaming
  • you can watch contents offline by saving them
  • compatable for any internet Connection speed
  • can watch previous and old episodes any time
  • provides good collection of movies
  • Can enjoy Good quality video contents
  • can select any plans you favour


How To Delete Profiles On Hulu App IOS and Android 2021?

Hulu has a feature to create a profile in an account to share a profile with your family members or friends to give them separate privacy and avoid mixing both contents in same profiles.but in certain reasons we may need to remove or delete one or more profiles from the Hulu this article I will share with you friends how you can easily delete an added profile on Hulu easily.

How to Delete Profiles On Hulu Live Tv?

To delete profile from Hulu app just open Hulu app and switch or change from the home tab to your Hulu profile tab.there you will see a profile option, just select the profiles option from there and select the user profile which you actually want to remove from your existing Hulu account. there you will see an option called edit near the profile just tap on it and go down and select the delete button to delete it from the Hulu app easily.

Or you can watch this small video tutorial on how to remove/delete hulu profiles easily

How to Delete Profiles On Hulu IOS and Android?

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To delete any profile on the Hulu app on ios and android I suggest you open your web browser and log in with your credentials. ( before that please note – if you remove an account from Hulu it can’t be restored) Open and open your profiles from there. find this option called manage profiles on your Hulu account and select any profiles you wish to remove/delete from your account and just select edit profile and there you will see an option to delete profile. just tap on it done! That’s it!

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