how to get eggs on snapchat

How To Get Eggs On Snapchat 2020 Easter Eggs Hunt

Hello Snapchat Lovers! What going on? are you looking for How To Get Eggs On Snapchat 2020 Easter Eggs Hunt for iPhone and android? here I will give you some instructions and tips for finding and getting eggs on the Snapchat app fast as well. basically this Snapchat easter eggs hunt occurs every year and every Snapchat users around the world is searching and hunting the easter eggs from your house directly.

how to get eggs on snapchat 2020

This year of 2020 Finding the eggs or collecting easter eggs by staying your house because of making social distancing as well. the easter egg you can get is unlimited and there is no limit in collecting the easter eggs on prescribed dates.

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How To Get Eggs On Snapchat 2020 Easter Eggs Hunt?

Every Snapchat users are interested in knowing how to get eggs on Snapchat app fast as you can and increase the leader board score. here I will provide you some video tutorials that you can follow in your Snapchat app and find out the easter eggs as well. before that, I will show you some information and tips about Snapchat easter eggs here.

get eggs on snapchat

When Does The Snapchat easter egg hunt start 2020?

The Snapchat easter egg hunt has been started on Saturday, April 11th and it will end on by April 12th-midnight eastern daylight time. you can find out eggs by opening the Snapchat map feature and search for it from anywhere in the world virtually without stepping out from your home for supporting the social distancing in today’s situation.

How to open Snap Map on Snapchat?

If you wanna find or get the eggs on snapchat you should open the snap map first, top open snapchat map,

  • Open Snapchat App on your mobile device
  • it will show the camera screen
  • Just swipe down from the camera screen
  • Now you can see the Snap Map on Snapchat
  • Now explore and look for the easter eggs around the world using the snap map
  • if you find an egg just tap on it to collect eggs and add it.

If you want To Find lots of Snapchat easter eggs simply watch this video,

The eggs you collected may vary the points by their look and colors, the eggs having shining colors have more points than colored ones as 5 points and 1 point for collecting them.if you want to see your ranking among the world and your friends just tap on the score feature.

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