how to refund dragacorn

How To Refund Dragacorn Glider Fortnite For Free

Hello Gamers, I hope you all having an amazing happy day! Do you guys wanna know How To Refund Dragacorn Glider Fortnite For Free? here i will provide you the tips and method you can simply follow to refund dragcorn in the fortnite game if you don’t like in the game.

how to refund dragcorn glider fortnite

Many fortnite gamers are now looking and searching for the how to refund dragacorn glider / how to refund dragacorn glider for free. epic changed dragcorn glider in the update the animation is easier to play, although the previous animation is very hard to stoot the player who is using this dragacorn glider after jumping. the new version of updated animation of dragacorn glider is provided below,

Although the users currently using this Dragacorn glider animation in Fortnite game, the epic provides users to get/receive the refund for this change on dragacorn glider, I know you all want to know the process of getting the refund dragacorn glider for free in the Fortnite game, for some users and beginners the refund process is a little bit confusing to do it, here I will help you guys on how you can easily get the refund of dragacorn easily.


How To Refund Dragacorn Glider Fortnite For Free?

If you wanna get the refund dragacorn glider follow the steps provided below,

First of all open the Fortnite game settings and then select the option called Account and privacy on the right side and tap on the submit request option and select the dragacorn from the lists, there you guys can see all of your purchased items there. you should have the refund tickets to get a refund for free. Some of the users also reported that the refund process is not working for them, it may be a bug and the fortnite team will fix this issue soon if this happens to you, you guys just need to wait for this bug fix to refund the dragacorn glider on Fortnite.

Friends, also check out the video I provided below to see the tutorial video about the “how to refund dragacorn” and get back your 1500 vbucks back to your account for free

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