how to swim and dive in animal crossing

How To Swim and Dive In Animal Crossing buy wetsuit new Update

Hello Everyone! Are you guys searching for How To Swim and Dive In Animal Crossing buy wetsuit new Update? The new summer update of animal crossing game comes with amazing and interesting abilities like swimming in the ocean. many animal crossing users are searching for how to swim on animal crossing new update and how to dive in animal crossing as well. here in this article, I will share with you all how you can easily swim and dive in the animal crossing new update.

how to swim dive in animal crossing

The new update of animal crossing also comes with new characters in the new version of 1.3.0. you need the latest version of animal crossing game installed on your device. to check the installed version of the animal crossing game you can easily check it out right side top of the title screen as well. The swim feature is a very exciting one and I know you all want to know how to do it. all of the steps and tutorials are added below you can follow these steps to swim and dive on animal crossing easily.


How To Swim and Dive In Animal Crossing buy wetsuit new Update?

Swimming on Animal crossing is the best one which is added on animal crossing game and before swimming you want to find or get a swim suit or wetsuit as well.Finding or getting a wet suit is an essential thing to swim in the ocean. you guys can easily get a wet suit from the Nook Cranny and spending some bells.

animal crossing how to swim dive

How to Swim and Dive in Animal Crossing?

After getting a wetsuit from there just add it to your body and go to ocean. Then you can easily start swimming on the ocean on the animal crossing by pressing the “A” To Dive into the Ocean and by holding the ‘A’ you can swim and surf on the ocean as well.

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Swimming on the ocean is an interesting and new thing you should try right now if you play animal crossing game. and if you want to get out from the ocean go back to the seashore as well. Also, Add Me As Your Friend On Instagram!

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