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How to use Ludope Referral Code Winning Tricks and Earning Proof

Ludope is the new trending ludo game app that can earn money! many players want the Ludope referral code to sign up to get the fantastic bonus to play without recharging your account using payment apps! people found this app to make a good profit by winning matches with friends and online players.

if you win more and enter the leaderboard session they give up to a 5k bonus as well. here you can play ludo with 2 players, 4 friends, tournaments, bots, and use private modes. here in this guide, you can check all of the details you need to know about the Ludope app and the best tips and tricks to win all matches.

a lot of new users joined this application recently because of its popularity and usage availability on both ios iPhone and android platforms. only by staying at home and playing simple ludo games, do they are making a lot of money.

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How to Use Ludope Referral Code?

If you are new to the Ludope gaming app, Sign up using this Referral code 00334003 to get a ₹100-₹400 bonus inside your account. the redeem code will only work for the new accounts only. if amount not showing try topping up the amount.

ludope referral code

some of us who are new to this are curious about knowing the payment and withdrawal proof and trustable, so here will also try to include the bank withdrawal proof too. these types of websites also have some risks because you need to have coins to play by adding cash.

How to Recharge and add money to LudoPe App?

once you have registered with the referral code 00334003, you will see a bonus amount in your account as well. if still not showing there you have to add a certain amount of funds. you can recharge easily by taping the marked gold + option and selecting the points you wish to add.

how to recharge on ludope game app

Ludope Winning Tricks and Earning Proof

we all know the basic knowledge of the ludo board game, here also we have to follow the same rules and procedures to win the match with other online players. tapping and spinning the dice at first is the best starting and make sure to roll the dice gently.

here is the withdrawal proof, the payment will be credited to your bank instantly within an hour!

ludope earning payment withdrawal proof
earning and withdrawal proof

By playing with the bot available in the application you can easily learn the rolling tactics. also, make sure to surpass all of the enemy’s attacks on your pin by scoring greater points.first time make sure to select the smaller amount to avoid huge losses by playing! try only with less first after learning it well you can go with high.

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