pokemon go how to battle go tour challengers 2021

How To Battle Go Tour Challengers Pokemon Go 2021

Want to know How To Battle Go Tour Challengers Pokemon Go 2021 that is recently introduced for kanto tour event right? here you can check out what is this go tour challenge and how to find these challenges and defeat the go tour challengers.

how to battle go tour challengers pokemon go 2021

Basically the Go Tour challengers/ kanto NPC challengers you can battle with them for a specific duration of this kanto event tour. many NPC players are added to the pokemon tour kanto after winning contests.

These trainers are original real-world trainers who have been selected by Niantic after winning competitions as well. they will appear in the overworld at pokestops as well.


that is said to be eight pokemon go tour challengers will be included and you need to defeat them in the battle with them. these are a little hard to spot, you should look out carefully for this cube at top twitching icon.

How To Battle Go Tour Challengers Pokemon Go 2021?

how to battle pokemon go tour challengers

many of the pokemon go players are looking for how to battle the go tour challengers, you might be also one of them! if the challengers are not showing up or appearing in the game, fist remove the equiped rocket rader because it is only used for calling a rocket leader on battles.

You can also check out the following video provided below to know more abou the kanto tour

if you hold a red or green tickets will get extra objectives or purchased a ticket you can also participate in special research of kanto.please note that this Defeat all challengers will only be available during this Kanto tour event period.

  • On the first step 1 of 4, Catch 20 pokemon, battle 2 of the go tour challengers, and power up pokemon 3 times and you will get rewards of 5 revives, 5 super portions,and 20x Eevee candy as well.
  • while completing Defeat all challengers step 2 of 4 – you need to envolve 3 pokemon, 3x powerup pokemon, and battle 3 go tournament challengers as well and gets the rd of 3 max revives one sinosh stone, and 3 max portions.
  • on Defeat, ll challengers step 3 of 4 you need to battle in a raid, win a raid, and need to defeat 3 go tour challengers.
  • then on Defeat, all challengers step 4 of 4 – you need to powerup pokemon 5 times, defeat 3 challengers with your buddy and also defeat 5 challengers as well, and then you will get the reward of 1 fast tm, one lucky egg and 1 charged tm.

How to Defeat All Challengers Research Quest in Pokemon Go?

on the challenge steps of 1 and 2 you dont want to defeat the go tour challengers, you only need to battle with them as well, and on the step 4 you only need to have the buddy in the party and don’t want to use them for battles.

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