how to buy unclaimed amazon packages

How To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages 2022

Are you looking for How To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages 2021 or want to get unclaimed amazon packages Boxes USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc, or any other way to get these packages? here we will show you the best methods to get or buy the box of the abandoned products easily!

how to buy unclaimed amazon packages 2022

Many videos or Tiktok and Instagram reels and youtube channels by unboxing the Unclaimed Amazon packages that are very popular and trending nowadays. many users are buying these abandoned packages or lost packages and doing unboxing videos.

Pretty interesting right? These types of lost or mystery boxes may have bigger surprises wrapped inside them you may get the greater value for unclaimed or abandoned products. you might be confused about what happens to the products ordered that can’t be delivered to the user who ordered.

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These products/packages that is not deliverable are given as offering for sale at auction and giving these to the highest bidder. many users also buy these unclaimed items in bulk and sell these lost packages on the internet at low prices as mystery boxes as well.


Recently lot of videos on tiktok, youtube and Instagram reels came out that become very viral as well. a tiktok user found a seller who is selling 1 mystery box per 1 dollar each and she bought for 100 dollars of them! and she got valuable items from that mystery boxes like gift cards etc.

How To Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages 2021/ Get Unclaimed/lost pallet Packages?

You might be wondering how you can also buy it or claim these unclaimed amazon return packages right? There are many ways to buy these mystery gift boxes at a low or decent price online. there are many sites online that are selling these unclaimed Amazon packages easily!

You can use This We MGFSupply Website to Buy Unclaimed Packages Easily if you use the code FOCUSMEDIA when you buy any of the unclaimed packages to get an extra discount of up to 30%!

buy get unclaimed amazon pallet packages

You can simply check these packages on sites like GovDeals, also you can check out the packages at Walmart Direct Liquidation, Wibargain,, etc as well, from there you can check out the mystery boxes from big retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc and try your luck!

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Some users are getting good value for purchasing these unclaimed mystery amazon return pallet packages online, here is a video you can check out the one who purchased it unboxing on youtube,

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