top best osu skins 2022

10 Best OSU Skins 2022 You Should Try

If you are a hard OSU game lover here are some of the best osu skins you will definitely love! we all know that playing this music beats game is really hard for beginners. you have to master it well by watching different videos and tutorials available on the internet.

The OSU is an amazing game based on music and rhythm available on windows PC and Macs, you have to click the marked portion and drag the sliders to follow the music beats as shown on the screen. you have to do it very quickly else you will be defeated. people can test their reflux with this easily! pc players can adjust the controls or using touch displays will help to increase their skills.

here you can play in single mode, multiplayer mode, and change skins, etc . creating an account is better to start using it. on their site, top users rank listed according to their accuracy and winning counts. people also create and share the top best versions on the Reddit community and other sites is a plus point for this. so by using the other user’s created skins you will provide you with different experiences than you feel before.

How to install OSU skins?

For beginners, first, you need to know how to install the skins correctly and switch from the default one to the downloaded one. actually, it’s a very simple process! all you have to do is after downloading the osk file on your device, just double-click on the file to install it.

10 best osu skins 2022

After installing the app will automatically open on your computer. then select Options> edit icon> tap on the current skin option and switch to another one! copying or adding the saved files to the folder can also work well.

What are the 10 Best OSU Skins?

so if you are looking for the best ones available right now to try out, here are some of them should be aware of

Remelia Scarlet OSU Skin

best osu skins

Remila scarlet is a must-try one that will definitely give you a totally cool experience. you will see a major difference after applying it to the game. you can feel the fresh look and color combinations are so attractive and soothing to the eyes as well.

It is based on a blue color-themed item made for a social media influencer named khz. you can get it from here!

Pink Bunny

pink bunny skin osu mania

Pink bunny is literally an amazing mode theme for pink theme lovers! it has been developed by msplutoqueen a user on Reddit that has been loved by many users! this item got many upvotes and great appreciation as well because it was his first skin. he also mentioned that based on this he couldn’t find out themes so he started creating this version!

give it a try for the pink bunny!

Moon Shine

moon shine osu skin

Moonshine is also one of the coolest items ever tried based on dark and violate color mode, the developer also released a 2.0 version which is better than the previous one. now they added more customization features like score bar bg is now available. using this feature helps to change the name of the players easily. the hit sounds are really outstanding for this version!

get moon shine 2.0 from here!

Fischl Version

fischl best osu

if you have a good high-end system there are 2 options available there the animated version or the non-animated one. if you are running on a low-end system make sure to disable the play skip file available in settings. its created for a user named rinkusnpai with a global ranking of 66113.

by applying it you will get a cool menu, animated arts everywhere on the pause screen, fail screen, etc! use it here!

Sakura Miko

sakura miko osu mania skin

This is created based on a popular creator sakura Miko saw on the hololive talents list. this looks very stunning based on the pink and red color combination. those who love this type of interface should also take a look at it too and try it here!


neur skin osu

the interface with dark and red color made this item more unique from others! has been created by a user named Rudeka on Reddit! try it now!

here are the other 4 ones by tapping the names you will be able to save it

Hope you all will enjoy using these stunning creations by people around the world, you will never get bored by seeing the old looks and interface by installing these best osu skins and feel refreshed again!

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