did the chris tyson get fired from mrbeast

Did Chris Get Fired From Mrbeast?

Recently a new rumor about Chris Tyson who is behind most of the video production of Mr beast youtube channel saying he got fired from jimmy Donaldson’s company. everyone who loves him wants to know the truth behind this, is it fake news or legit.

did chris get fired from mrbeast

A youtube channel named ItsOwen with 3.5 million+ subscribers uploaded a new video assuming he has been kicked out from the team by showing some clips in it. the reason says that he had done vaping in some of the old videos! the comment session is full of complaints about that video uploader, everyone says it’s totally fake and he is like his brother!

If you are a regular follower of Mr beast’s shows on youtube which has 98 million+ subscribers you might be already known Chris too, he also appeared in many of his popular expensive type of money challenge videos. they had done a recreation of the squid game series, the remake of the Minecraft version, Reaction videos, and shorts channel on youtube, hiding game, burger video, and lot more!

many people say he was the first subscriber of that channel and worked with him for more than 6.5 years, then how can he do that to him? and without cris the channel may not get this much popularity getting right now. according to the records, the Mr beast channel is started by both jimmy and Chris in early 2012 and still going on!

Did Chris Get Fired From Mrbeast?

Chris is not fired from Mr. Beast’s channel. the rumors spreading right now are not real. watching a video on a channel that had got over 1.5 million+ views is the reason behind this talk. don’t know why they posted this type of unwanted video on that channel, that might be made because of the intention of getting views only by providing unwanted thumbnails and titles in that video.

Chris Tyson (the meme god) is always with jimmy from the start and is one of his best and closest friends since high school time. and he can’t even think about doing this thing to him, for this silly reason mentioned by that channel. if you have common sense don’t believe this type of news. around 15k people liked it by thinking it’s true and got 2 lakh+ unlikes as well!

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On Instagram, he has more than 2.6 million+ followers. the shopmrbeast website also being managed too! A few weeks before similar fake things also went viral about chandler also saying he was also kicked out from them.here is that video now all of the controversies started,

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