who is dr chromeental 500 real name place

Who Is Dr Chromental 500 Real Name Home Place Job

Hello Readers! Looking for Who Is Dr Chromental 500 Real Name Home Place Job lifestyle and original insta Id/ Drchromemental 500 mobile number right? here is the perfect place right now! here you can check out who is Dr Chrome mental and his lifesyle home job and biogrphy here!

who is dr chromental 500 real name home

Dr Chromemental 500 is a Famous Kerala Instagram celebrity who became very viral on instagram only by sharing funny interesting memes as instagram stories. This is very rare method he made the followers by just adding the instagram story memes only. it will be hit 1 million soon on instagram soon.

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Basically this Dr chromental 500 instgram profile is a private profile recently he changed it to the public profile. Dr Chromental already build up most of the malayali kerala youth fanbase only using funny interesting stories and news on instagram by adding specific funny caption below of the post.

Many users who follow Dr Chromental 500 says that “We don’t need to read a whole Newspapper to know the latest headlines and what’s happening around the world after watching the Dr Chromental 500’s instagram stories.

Recently an instagram page called Anonymous mallus owned by dr chrome got complained by some users and this issue become very viral on social medias and news channel discussions also.

Who Is Dr Chromental 500 Real Name Home Place Job?

The Real name of Dr Chromental 500 on Instagram is “Ajith Thankachan” who lives in Trissur District Kerala, India as well. His Profession is a Doctor studied MBBS at Kochi. but most of the users don’t know his real name Ajith Thankachan, people or supports/fans call his as Chrome Annan, Chrome ettan, Dr.Chrome etc.


dr chrome home place

Dr Chrome only posted 10 posts and getting more likes than many popular celebrities on instagram. the latest post with Boby Chemmannur got about 5-6 Lakhs likes on instagram! Pretty cool one right?

dr chromental 500 real name


His Caption on instagram is Doctor by Morning, Squid by night and pimp by midnight. Dr Chrome loves travelling more, bikes, cars etc well, you can also see them on his stories and if you are a daily viewer of his stories, you will always remember to watch his daily instagram stories.

Check out Dr Chromental 500’s Birthday Celebration Video,

What is the Original Dr Chromental 500 Instagram page Link?

There are many fake profiles named dr chrome on instagram and it’s very hard to find out the original one from searching it on Instagram search area. The Original Profile on Instagram is @dr_cromental500 you can check it out from here and watch his stories. this page is created by him as a personal account and for sharing Entertainment Stories, news, Informations etc as well.

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