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How To Get New Weight Control Filter On Instagram

The New Weight control filter on Instagram that is also seen on TikTok videos lets you check your weight by scanning your face and showing it on the mobile phone screen! interesting right? some people who watch these videos on Instagram reels think that it shows the original weight without using the machine.

weight control filter on instagram

If you doubt the weight filter on Instagram shows the original weight, exactly this effect only shows the weight randomly and all of the data is incorrect. when you try with babyface or children’s it may show 100 or above! that’s why people started sharing videos by adding this.

The weight control effect works by showing an overlay above your head as like a meter, when you tap on the screen or hold the record button it starts analyzing your face, and the meter starts running, then your weight will pop up on the screen!

If you have seen the videos on Instagram, you might be thinking about giving it a try to check your own weight through the story camera. some people also posted videos by saying it shows their actual weight on the screen. if you have luck it may show like this as well, some users play with it again and again and record it until getting their right or similar weight kg as the results!

Let’s get into the point, here is how you can find it easily from your iPhone or Android smartphone on both Instagram and for the TikTok app as well,

How To Get New Weight Control Filter On Instagram?

To get the weight control Instagram filter, open your Instagram app after updating. then you need to open the following profile @korobov_denis, from the effects tab shown after reels you can use it simply!

weight control filter instagram

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Attention readers a few hours ago this effect has been removed from the app and from now on you can’t use it from their profiles, in that case, you can try similar ones from these creators’ profiles named @aydinkadirkocaman , @keyfilter, etc.

How to get Weight control filter on Tiktok?

To get it on TikTok there is only one way available right now, which is to use the Instagram app to do it! because it is only available there now, in the coming few days there is a chance to add a similar filter to TikTok effects by developers.

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