get paid 769 per week to remove spam comment yelp

How to Get Paid 769 Per Week To Remove Spam Comments Yelp

Have you all noticed a new opportunity to make money from the home weekly 769.23 USD every week by simply removing all of the spam comments for the famous website it’s cool, right? the major plus point here is by working remotely from anywhere in the world.

get paid 769 per week to remove spam comments on yelp

$769 per week is a great amount for us, if you are interested in joining this work you need to know some information regarding it. here you have to do the moderation of content and check whether the article stands with the good standards and follows guidelines. if you had found something unwanted or misleading you have to remove it and keep the place clean.

if you are hearing about the yelp website for the first time, actually it is a website for businesses and clients where users can read and write their honest opinion including pictures about business firms. by reading these reviews we can easily understand about their advantages and negatives very clearly!

Right now the Yelp company is looking for more user content operation moderators as a full time to cross-check all of the reviews and content posted by users about local businesses by determining and removing spam-related posts that do not meet the guidelines. by doing your work on yelp should need to check all of the business-related information are legit and trustworthy for all readers.

They also provide 500+ more job opportunities for their different positions like engineering, product management, and design, community-related, marketing, sales, it, analytics, and data related as well, so if you are looking for other areas and have some experience in that area you can apply to them if the job perfectly fit for you!

How to Get Paid 769 Per Week To Remove Spam Comments on

Getting selected for this user operations associate job on yelp opportunity requires the following demands,

  • Should have 1 year of similar work experience or in other areas.
  • users holding a bachelor degree have more chances (it’s not required/others can also apply)
  • you should have good interest and passion for this opportunity
  • even under work pressure you should have good teamwork ability and a positive attitude.

What are the works you need to do as User Operation Associate?

  • sending counter-notification messages to users after checking whether the items meet guidelines and policy well
  • moderating all of the contents like business profiles, images they post, and reviews that have been flagged by the owners of the firm and readers.
  • to improve business mentoring and giving feedback to the account managers.

the company also offers good training for selected members to do the work more efficiently and clear all the doubts related to it. there are many advantages too, like 98 days of leave allowance, providing a good bonus annually, providing medical check-ups without any costs, health saving plans, etc as well!

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Actually, it is an amazing opportunity for all of us who are comfortable with it, now it is a remote full-time job in the united states so while compared with others. so you can apply it from here before getting expired! if you want to apply for other categories or fields, a wide range of allocation is also available.

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