spy glove in slap battles

How To Get Spy Glove and Predator Badge in Slap Battles

After releasing a newer update recently, the latest items named Spy Glove and the predator badges have been included in the Roblox slap battles. every player is now curious about knowing these special items and how to claim all of them easily!

how to get spy glove in slap battles

So here we can check out how to unlock it and all of the required tasks you need to do to make it yours! we all know that doing certain quests is an essential step to collecting any badges.

this Battles game is an addictive one that has a lot of active players around the world, here you can join and play battles by slapping other users in the game using different types of gloves that have great abilities. it’s really an interesting one to play support on all platforms like android phones, phones, and pc/macs!

What are the abilities of SPY Glove?

Spy gloves have a Speed of 16 and have 50 power as well. it also has an amazing ability to disguise and backstabs other online players! when you beat someone from behind carefully (do a critical hit) you can transform into their character looks! cool one right? that’s why everyone looking for it right now.

In order to get/unlock the new Spy Glove, First, you need to have a Predator Badge,

How to get Predator Badge?

To find this badge, you need to defeat 10 of the players in the Slap Royal Game Mode in one round and should win. after doing this task you will get the Predator badge by camping in the lava pit or Toxic lake as well.

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How to get Spy Glove in Slap Battles?

once you complete the above ten kills and got the predator, you can easily use it from the glows showcase area as well!

here in the screenshot, you can see the player changed to the same character looks by slapping using the spy glove!

spy glove and predator badge in slap battles

make sure you have to kill all of the players fastly, best tip is to stand near the lake and try slapping players and pull them to the lake or to the lava is easier!

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