how to get trick or treat badge in ability wars

How To Get Trick or Treat Badge Malice in ability wars

the latest update has been rolled out and a new trick and tried badge and the malic ability which throws Halloween pumpkins to enemies have been added to the Roblox ability wars game. players are now trying hard to claim these newly released items which will make the gameplay more enjoyable using these special abilities and power.

get trick or treat badge malice ability

people who claimed this item mentioned that they unlocked it by playing from the public servers and private server may not works well. also, keep in mind if the game reloads or login again the collected candies will be gone if you are on a private server game.

Ability wars is a popular Roblox experience based on the fighting genre where you have to defeat other online players by using special skills. people who own good items have more advantages in their fights and help to win more quickly. around 116 million+ visits have been recorded for it til now and still counting.

There are some easy methods to take the candies in ability wars, here is how you can do it easily,

How To Get Trick or Treat Badge Malice in ability wars Roblox?

To get the “Trick or Treat badge” you can use any of these two methods, after getting the 500 candies you will be able to use the malice ability!

  • Beating and defeating random players on the map.
  • Private Server Farm – Stay and wait for some time and collect the glowing candy globe from the map’s location.
  • By Hitting the big Scarecrow boss

defeating one by one is very time-consuming and it will reward you 1 candy per person. using punch-based abilities like Freeze, energy drink, glue, bounty hunter, overcharge, mushroom, uno, bionic, storm, and robot magnets will help to beat multiple time and do it faster.

trick or treat badge ability wars

the first method is very fun to play but requires more patience and skill. on the private server, farming stays on the server and lookup for the candy bowl spawn in different areas on the map. by collecting one of them you will get 10 candies as well. so make sure to wait and grab 50 of them to complete the task and earn the malice! this way is also a little bit boring for users who have no patience, waiting for some time is required to spawn the item.

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standing on the top areas in the center will be more comfortable to find the spawn location well. If you are on a private server make sure to stay on the server and collect 500 candies without leaving the match can also be able to collect the badge!

Hitting the scarecrow boss by using bigger abilities like a storm, no, freeze, etc, if you had tried this before defeating this boss is a really very hard task to complete but its a very interesting one for competitive players.

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