how to get tree master badge ability wars roblox

How To Get Tree Master Badge in Ability Wars

The new Tree Master badge ability is now live on the Roblox ability wars game’s latest update! every players are now wandering about achieving this overpowered ability that will help you to attack any players and defeat them within seconds!

how to get tree master badge ability wars

one user who got this badge at first of hundred players says that it really an amazing one available right now and it’s really hard to get a chance to unlock it as well, by using this it makes you invincible while staying inside the tree center portion. no one can see you by doing this method and you can punch the player while standing there.

the enemy player having the god punch ability enabled can also be defended when you stay inside the tree is a major plus point too. most users who had already gotten this mentioned that you should have good patience to unlock this new item.

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Ability wars is a Roblox game based on fighting with other gamers around available on the server using unique skills and powers. all of the abilities can be collected by fighting with players. many people love to play it because 38 million+ visits are shown for this experience with one lakh+ upvotes!

How to Get Tree Master Badge in Ability Wars?

To get the tree master badge first of all you have to wait for the “Tree Boss” to come u. this can take up to some minutes to hours. the spawning time of the tree boss is unpredictable. you can go with private servers or on public too.

once he spawns to get the tree master badge you should be the one who does the final hit on that boss. make sure to keep a distance and stay away from his attacks. after hitting the boss a pop-up will be shown like tree lord has been defeated with the final attacked user’s name!

tree master badge ability wars

Now it’s unlocked and can be used from the showcase area after selecting it! now you can transform into a tree by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard! that’s cool, right? when someone tries to attack, this feature will helps you and protect you from any mode of operation.

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