how to become a demon project slayers

How To Become A Demon in Project Slayers

many project slayers Roblox game players now want to become a demon! the latest update was published by the creators on 12th July 2022 and added more abilities. if you have also tried playing it, you might be loving its gameplays and quests! reaching certain levels by doing the tasks and quests mentioned is the right method to unlock anything here.

become a demon project slayer

project slayer is an addictive RPG-type Roblox game developed by shounen studios on 14th november 2020. around 16 million+ visits have been completed for this particular experience and still going up. if you love to play fighting and adventure anime-type characters it will be good for you!

here you can fight with many demons and unlock many abilities and skills that will help you to do your attacks easier than before. wander and vibe around everywhere on the map in multiplayer mode with friends or as a single player.

How To Become a Demon in Project Slayers?

You have to be at least level 15 in order to become a demon! if you are on lower levels make sure to reach this level first by visiting Zuko boss and farm to the 15th level. you can reach this boss from the starting village area as well.

After defeating the boss you can level up fastly. other tasks can also be used to increase xp. now you have to wait for some time to become the night. only at night time you can look for “Muzan”. Muzan will spawn on certain locations you can check the following video,

once you had found the Muzan he will give you the quest to complete. so we have to collect doctor higoshima and 5 blue spider lilly from the different areas of the map and give it to muzan to finish the given task. so make sure to roam around the world to find all of the 5 spider lily flowers.

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to find the higoshima check the following tutorial from 0:54 seconds, once you reach that location you have to carry that person and go back to muzan location.

Muzan will provide you with a dose of his blood in return for your work. then drink it to become the demon! sometimes it may fail, so you may need to repeat all of these steps again, and if you are not lucky enough!

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