low exposure eye filter on tiktok

How To Do Low Exposure Eye Trend On Tiktok

Have you noticed a new Eye color trend on tiktok using the low exposure effect? its also now popped up on the tiktok Instagram reels too! on this new trend, users show their face first and zoom into their right or left eye and blink it and then apply this effect!

low exposure eye trend filter tiktok

Adding this new low exposure effect will make your eyes more attractive than a normal look! some users who used this effect say that they got a different look while applying it! and if you use the front camera of your iPhone you may not get the proper quality of the eye correctly.

so if you are planning to do this video make sure to use the back camera of your mobile device or use a high-quality camera device to get the right output. don’t worry if you don’t have the best quality professional camera phone. actually, if you use a low profile camera device also shows good details as well. that’s why everyone loves using this filter to make a video now.

if you are a creator of tiktok or Instagram reels, don’t miss this new trending topic because if you publish a video based on this viral thing you will get more engagement and views easily, it’s a secret strategy followed by many creators around the world. you can check popular creators’ profiles to check out they are also following most of the popular challenge videos to get views.

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How To Do the Low Exposure Eye Trend Filter on Tiktok?

To do this low exposure eye trend effect, follow these steps mentioned below,

  • First open Tiktok app and tap on + or create
  • Then you need to select the La siene music for this trend
  • Record and Zoom your eye uisng the tiktok app camera
  • make sure to blink your eye at the music beat drop
  • now tap on effects and select Low Exposure filter ( icon image added below)
  • then switch front camera to rear back camera
  • keep your eye near to the camera lens and record again uisng the effect!
  • that’s how you can do this low exposure filter trend!

here is what the low exposure icon looks like

low exposure filter icon tiktok

if you are not able to find a filter by searching you can use this direct low exposure filter link given here and add it to favorites as well! so you can easily access it from the saved effects area.

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  1. My name is Sameer Mahan and I am the creator of the Low Exposure Filter. Thank you so much for featuring my filter. If you could please credit me for the filter that would be great. Thank you.

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