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How To Do Dr Dolittle Challenge Bitlife Become Wet get 10 pets

Hello Readers! Want to know How To Do Dr Dolittle Challenge Bitlife Become Wet get 10 pets/ how to complete dr do little challenge easily in bitlife? here you can easily check out how to complete this dr do little challenge by following these steps provided here.

how to do dr dolittle challenge bitlife

Bit life is an a best life simulator game there you can create a model citizen and live life by selecting character name and selecting answers for the multiple choices available in bitlife. in bitlife life simulator there are many challenges are coming out as well.

The new challenge called recently came on Bitlife you can check it out from here – How To Learn To Swim In Bitlife, after that a new challenge came out today named “Dr Dolittle Challege” in Bitlife life simulator game.

And many of us want to know the steps or procedures you should follow to complete this Dr Do little challenge, how to became a vet and how to have 10+ pets in bitlife dr do little challenge as well.

How To Do Dr Dolittle Challenge Bitlife Become Wet get 10 pets?

To Do or Complete the Dr Dolittle Challenge, the following are the requirements needed for this challenge, they are –

  • Become a Vet
  • Live on a farm, or reach
  • Should have 10+ pets
  • Should have good relationship will all pets
  • And Have No Sick Pets

You need to complete all of these requirements to complete this dr dolittle challenge to complete this first one is To Become a vet

complete dr dolittle challenge bitlife

How to Become a Vet in Bitlife?

To become Vet, Tap on the Occupation tab from below the left side and select education apply for university. after that graduation process you will see a veterinary school and apply for it from there and select pay cash option.

After graduation look for a job and select “Veterinarian” and tap on apply for it! Now you have completed Became a Vet in Bitlife!

How To Have 10+ pets in Bitlife?

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To have 10+ pets on farm or ranch tap on activities>Pets> and adopt 10+ pets from there and treat them well to maintain good relationships with your pets by providing treats and have no sick pets in this Dr dolittle challenge.

To Check out how to complete all of the requirements for this Dr Dolittle challenge just follow this video provided below,

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