how to get mask on snapchat bitmoji

How To Get Mask On Snapchat Bitmoji and Use Bitmoji Filter on Snapchat

Hello everyone! I hope you all having an amazingly happy day! Are you looking for How To Get Mask On Snapchat Bitmoji and Use Bitmoji Filter on Snapchat? I recently noticed that everyone one Snapchat app is using the latest trend mask bitmoji on their Snapchat profiles and some of the users and spending more time in finding these masks on snapchat bitmoji and failed to find it from anywhere. here in this article, I will help you all to know how to put mask on bitmoji on snapchat in 2020 and how to use it well.

how to get mask on snapchat bitmoji

Using the mask filter on snapchat bitmoji is the latest trend going now on the snapchat app, snapchat app recently added many amazing masks to the bitmoji selfies list, all of the users who own both the IOS and Android device can now get access to this Mask Bitmoji faces well. if you still can’t put mask on your profile and couldn’t find the masks on snapchat all of the steps to get and use face masks and how to use the bitmoji filter on snapchat easily as the following,


How To Get Mask On Snapchat Bitmoji and Use Bitmoji Filter on Snapchat?

You guys can easily find and use the mask Bitmoji on your snapchat profiles by simply watching this video tutorial provided below,

Or just Do these steps to find and use mask on your snapchat bitmoji profile,First of all open Snapchat App on your mobile device

Select your profile Bitmoji,Then find and click on “Select Selfie” Option as shown below

put mask on snapchat bitmoji
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After Selecting the Select selfie option from the profile, an interface will pop up with many Bitmoji images having different masks as shown on the above video, jut you can select any of these bitmoji sticers with the attractive masks from here, after clicking the save button the mask will be added and changes your current bitmoji to new one you has been selected in one click. this is very easy to follow procedure to get the mask or put mask on snapchat bitmoji.

snapchat mask bitmoji

here i selected a mask and updated my bitmoji profile on snapchat to the new one which is now everyone is using and looking for, you guys can also use these new amazing face masks on your snapchat profiles after updating your snapchat app from playstore or app store first in order to try and use these newer Snapchat mask bitmojies.

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