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How To Get Pumpkin New Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Hey Wacky Wizards! Here is a guide about How To Get Pumpkin New Ingredient in Wacky Wizards and the location in Haloween Update that you wanted right now! in the new update based on Halloween, you can now collect the new item pumpkin head to make this Halloween more colorful.

how to get pumpkin new ingredient in wacky wizards

The Upcoming Halloween date is 31st October, With incoming updates in wacky wizards, the developers may add more portions and items based on the Halloween theme to make the game better for the players! the update came out yesterday and added many new features.

In this update that came out on 8th October, they added a map search feature, now you can use portions trade feature and more as well. And the most awaited one that makes you look pumpkin head that can be used to make new interesting portions.

So here in this article, we will discuss all of the details you need to know about how you can easily obtain the new item Pumpkinhead ingredient without any doubts and wasting your time. if you follow this guide without missing any of the steps mentioned below to obtain it.

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Also please note that this event is only available for a limited time and should be collected within November 3. now its the right time to collect it because you have enough time to collect the candies.

How To Get Pumpkin New Ingredient in Wacky Wizards?

In order to Unlock the new Pumpkin Head Ingredient, First, you need to collect some candies in the game. you need to spend 1800 candy corns to unlock it.

How To Get the candy in wacky wizards,

To get or collect the candy corns there are three methods available, it will be shown if you start interacting with the Headless horse located in the Halloween update area “The Scare Board” shown in the center of the map. The headless horse will give you some hints and says there are,

how to get the pumpkin in wacky wizards

Collect Hidden Candies

You can collect the hidden candies from the various locations on the map. they will spawn in various locations. it may appear in the new locations also, you can check out the following video to see the locations where the hidden candies actually spawns,

Scare NPC’s Around the map

By looking in the scare fear board shown, you need to create portions according to the NPC’s Fear. you need to go near them and drink the portion in front of them to scare NPC’s available around the map. you need to make different portions for all of them,

  • For Witches, make Fish portion also called Flounder
  • For OZ Wiards – use pet tags and Spider!
  • Goblins requires the Noodle one
  • Dumpster requires portion of alien parasite
  • And for Jandel and foryxe requires the rotten sandwith as well!

After completing a scare you can get 20 candies as well. in the coming days, it is said that more items will be added!

The Portion Trader

The portion trader feature can also be used to collect the candy faster, it will be spawned every 30 minutes and will be located near the sign of the cyclops events countdown shows. you need to make portions according to the items shown on the board near him. after that you will get candy!

Also, you can check this tutorial video to see the method easiest way to get the candies!

That’s all about How To Get Pumpkin New Ingredient in Wacky Wizards and its locations, hope you like this post and helped to collect the item easily! also make sure to comment down your thoughts below!

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