get find disco ball wacky wizards

How To Get Disco Ball in Wacky Wizards

Are you thinking about How To Get Disco Ball in Wacky Wizards and its location where you can find it simple right? here in this article, we will show you all of the right walkthrough processes on how you can get it without any doubts.

how to get disco ball in wacky wizards

Yesterday on October 1’st the wacky wizards developers pushed a new update in Roblox and a new item or ingredient introduced in the game called “Disco Ball”. many of the players are curious about this new update and still looking for a way to obtain it more fastly.

Getting the Disco ball in the Roblox wacky wizards requires some time to complete the quest only after that this item will be unlocked and available as well. all you have to do is four steps that may take more than 5 minutes only if you do it without wasting more time in the quests.

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By using the new ingredient disco ball can be used to make new portions in the game do more interesting things! here are the steps you need to follow in the wacky wizards from the cave club new location that is provided below,

How To Get Disco Ball in Wacky Wizards?

To get the disco ball new ingredient in wacky wizards, first of all, you need to go to the Cave club location. to get in the cave club location, you may need to spawn a Flight portion and use it. it may be required to go over to the waterfall location.

how to get the disco ball in wacky wizards

The Cave Club is located after the waterfall you see in the game new update, from there you need to do and complete some simple quest to get the new ingredient. Here are the tasks you need to complete

  • Fill the Drinks Fridge
  • Repair Smoke machine
  • Repair the Dance floor
  • and Repair the Speakers
  • After that you can collect Disco Ball!

And the first thing you need to do is,

Fill the Drinks Fridge in wacky wizards

To complete this Fill Drinks bridge quest in wacky wizards, to complete it go to the maintenance room shown on the right side of the cave club and go inside it. make sure you have an ingredient called Witches Brew, so you need to teleport back to cauldron and make witches brew from there and bring it back to the machine click on it. that’s how you can do it.

get new ingredients disco ball wacky wizards

How to fill smoke machine?

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The smoke machine is located next to the task board shown in the quest, to repair the smoke machine you need to teleport to the cauldron and bring chilly back. after reaching that machine tap on it to repair it!

Repair Dance floor in wacky wizards?

To repair the dance bridge, you need to bring the Chameleon ingredient as well, because we know that the dance floor is gonna looks more color full, so this ingredient will be the best fit for this!

Repair the speakers

To repair the speakers in wacky wizards all you have to do is just bring the dynamite ingredient and tap on the speakers! it will be fixed, that may be suited because dynamite makes more sounds like the big speakers!

After completing all of these simple steps, you will get it! Hope this article on How To Get Disco Ball in Wacky Wizards helps you to complete this task without any doubts! For any suggestion or doubts, you can comment it down below or ask on Instagram from here! also, you can subscribe to get the latest updates more fastly!

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