get zen marker and tree sap

How To Get Zen Marker and Tree Sap in Find The markers

A new update (Candyland)has been rolled out recently and introduced new markers like a zen marker, tree sap marker, black hole, forgorker, portion, gummy, greedy, etc as well, you can see many more by tapping the icon of the marker available on the game.

if you had checked all of the hints to find these markers you might be got confused by reading it. finding the zen marker is also a little bit tough as well, you need to locate and find 5 notes and visit 5 places on the map to unlock it.

here we are gonna check out how to find the zen marker and the tree sap marker in this Roblox game easily by following the straight easy-to-follow location in this guide. this “Find the markers” game is a very popular game on the Roblox server, here you need to find different various types of markers by following certain clues mentioned as hints below that item.

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So let’s get started on the topic without wasting your precious time,

How To Get Zen Marker and Tree Sap in find the markers Roblox?

First, let’s check to find out

How to Find the Zen Marker Location?

To find this Zen marker you guys need to complete 5 hints and locations, on every hint, you need to go to that area every time and claim those clues as well.

so to complete the 1st Hint to find the zen marker,

  • you need to go near the saint markers choclote fountain to collect the hint. it is located in the sweet land location

here is the screenshot of the exact area given below,

how to get zen marker
  • Next you need to go inside the room and go near the red blocks area. please make sure to avoid hitting the red blocks, jump and stand inside the brown area and collect the second hint.
find zen marker
  • After that head over to the desert area ( you can also see pyramids there) climp above this statue to claim the third hint easily!
zen marker third hint location
  • To find the fourth one you need to go near the redid backwoods location, then you need to jump to this marked area, then you will be teleported to a hidden area and will be able to see an NPC rom there you can collet the 4th clue easily!
4th hint to find zen marker
  • to collect the 5th one you nee to go above the home located in the woods and climb above the chimney, the you will be able to see some steps.
  • after collecting all you need to collect choclate and go near the foundain to unlock the zen marker, you can collect choclate from the snow lodge area by going through the upstairs and reach the microwave and collect it!
  • then go to the fountain with that coin in hand to collect the zen!

here is a video tutorial also provided below, so you can do it very easily

How to get Tree Sap Marker in Find the markers?

To find the tree sap marker you need to enter into a tree secret location, its not easily visible on the map so you can check the following video provided below,

The difficulty to find the tree sap marker is extremely hard, so you need to be more concentrated in the gameplay well to unlock it. you may need to try again and again many times. so be patient!

how to get tree sap marker

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