turn off amber alerts on android and iphone

How to Turn Off Emergency Amber Alerts On Android and iPhone 2020

Hello what’s up guys? Do you want to know How to Turn Off Emergency Amber Alerts On Android and iPhone? many people are facing this issue on mobile devices and try to turn off or disable amber alerts on Samsung devices mostly like S10, S9, S8 Samsung Galaxy devices, here I will share with you how to get rid of these annoying emergency amber notifications by turning off this feature.

First of all i will not recommend my all friends who are reading this article to turn off or disable amber alerts from your mobile device. you will not know about the important alerts according to your location where you live.

turn off emergency amber alerts android iphone

The Amber alerts we are getting every time when we watch or do something by getting a lot of notifications and battery also drain fast due emergency alerts by vibrating your android Samsung mobile phones and iPhone.by reading this you can easily know how to silence amber alerts on android well.


How to Turn Off Emergency Amber Alerts On Android and iPhone 2020?

First i will show you how to turn off emergency amber alerts on Android,

To disable amber alerts on Android mobile devices first open Settings

block turn off amber alerts

After opening the setting on your android device, search or find the “Apps & Notification” Option from there.

stop disable emergency amber alerts android

If you don’t see the emergency alerts there, you can also find out the Amber alerts on any devices like Samsung galaxy Mobile phones like S10, S9, S8, etc by searching for amber alerts or emergency alerts directly on the search bar of the settings tab as well.

After opening the Emergency alerts ” Just Tap on turn off Amber alerts”

disable amber alerts android

After Clicking on the Amber alerts you will not receive any new emergency amber alerts, here you can select which alerts you want to receive from here and to block/ shut off all emergency amber alerts from your android mobile just click on the above option called “Allow Alerts” option.

If you are an iPhone IOS User and want to turn off Emergency AMBER alerts on your iPhone as provided below,

How To Turn Off Amber Alerts On iPhone?

To turn off Emergency amber alerts on IOS,

  • Open Settings on iPhone
  • Find Notifications Option from there
  • Scroll Down to last of Notifications
  • You will see an options tab called Government Alerts there
  • Here you can turn off AMBER ALERTS or EMERGENCY ALERTS from there

Also if you want a video tutorial on how to remove amber alerts on IOS iPhone Devices, simply watch this video tutorial provided below,

If you want to Know What Exactly is AMBER ALERTS, Read it on Wiki Here!

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