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Instacruze: How to Improve Brand Awareness Using Instagram Stories?

Today, Instagram is a creative outlet for businesses to showcase their products or services. One of the finest features is Stories which is highly preferred to improve their online presence and stay highly competitive. But you would know that the shared content disappears after 24 hours in this feature.

instagram story for business brands

As it is short video content that is invisible for a short period, it is gaining more responses from the potential audience. As a marketer could know that this platform has over 500 million active daily users. Well, it is the right option for a perfect branding. And there is no wonder many businesses buy automatic instagram story views to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

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Reasons to use Instagram Stories for Businesses

Excited to know why should use these features to promote any brand. Let’s find out the fact here:

  • Promote new product launch
  • Drive more website traffic
  • Get valuable customer feedback
  • Generate leads

How to Utilize Instagram Stories for Your Business?

Sharing status would be a great idea to boost the brand’s reach as a firm. However, to make the company well familiar, create content that resonates with the audience. At the same time, try out Instacruze to widen the brand’s reach. Finally, want to understand followers’ behavior, follow the techniques below.

Set Business Objectives

Before starting up, it is vital to define the goals. Be honest and determine what to achieve.

For creating Stories for firms, consider the following criteria:

  • What is the main reason to create?
  • How to plan it? [Ensure it should be funny, compelling, and engaging]
  • What are you going to tell the people?

make sure to have an answer to these questions, it’s OK to move toward the campaign.

Understand Your Customer’s Persona

Whatever content is posted, should ensure that it attracts new customers. also, have to know about the interests of viewers. It includes:

Audience demographic:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Location

Audience behavior:

  • Interests
  • Personality traits
  • Attitude
  • Geographic:
  • City
  • Country or Region

To find this information, can grow their profile by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to the profile
  • Click the three lines in the right corner
  • Tap insights

Learn About Competitors

Exploring the competitors’ posted status will give clear insights into improving marketing strategy. monitor any competitor’s actions and learn more about them:

  • What kind of posts do they prefer?
  • Number of Stories they are sharing per day or week
  • Number of hashtags they are using
  • Focus on their CTAs
  • Find out their partnerships or collaborations and more

Post More Stories Frequently

What’s more valuable than sharing more and more Status? Well, it will improve your brand’s conversations and engage many users. Many professionals suggested posting at least five per day. Whereas, sharing consistently will ensure a customer retention rate and helps to get more followers. Further, many pros use Instacruze to keep their viewers engaged.

Share at the Best Timing

there is any right time to share content. But, of course, there is the best time for everything. As it will be live for only 24 hours, posting at a particular time is essential. Remember that the perfect time to share the content is when most followers are online.

Take Advantage of the Instagram Stories Feature

i) Add your website link to Story: Driving website traffic is difficult. The happy news is that includes a links option available. For example, a landing page for brand promotion, a blog post, and more. However, to increase engagement, use a clear call-to-action so that viewers can click on it.

Here are a few examples:

  • Buy now!
  • Shop now!
  • Check out!
  • Read more!
  • Swipe out to shop!

ii) Use Stickers, and Gifs: want to improve brand interactions? Then, using Stickers would be great. take advantage of more stickers to interact with potential customers. For example, use polls, Q&A, or emoji stickers to encourage user interaction spontaneously.

iii) Use question stickers to create AMA: What is AMA? Is this term very new? Not all that AMA means Ask Me Anything, which lets’s ask any questions and let the audience get the answers. It is an excellent way to get users’ feedback.

iv) Add hashtags & location: When using hashtags, should be highly concerned about choosing the right hashtags to boost your reach. So search the hashtags that are highly searched according to the category and add geotags to widen the brand’s exposure quickly.

v) Mention: Sharing content and mentioning it will highly impact the audience experience. Using this, can be transparent, interact with power users in real-time, and connect with a wide range of potential customers.

Leverage Instagram Analytics

Getting clear insights into how well the post performs is imperative. So that would optimize the post that would perform better in the future, you can take advantage of the analytics feature and get the entire data. following this can quickly drive action,

Wrapping it up

Instagram Story, helps to stand out from the crowd. So, invest some time and effort in creating and improving your profile performance rather than ever.

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