get anime ai manga filter tiktok and instagram

How To Get Ai Manga Anime Filter Effect On Tiktok and Instagram

Anime Ai Manga Anime filter Character effect is now trending all over on social media platforms like tiktok and Instagram. in short this will allows you to turn into a manga charactor. creators are sharing and using it to show their unique character look by applying the effect on their front camera. it looks different on every face shape and looks.

ai manga anime filter tiktok and instagram

another feature of this effect is it can be used for both men and women becasue this one can detect both faces very correctly and shows the perfect character of manga! now everyone sharted showcasing their looks by uploading posts and vidoes.

after its popularity people started searching the ai filter apps on playstore and apple appstore and instagram browse gallery for creating the same type video without knowing the real method, actuallly for making such content, only tiktok app is required. so lets check out how to do it easily,

How to Use Ai Manga Anime Filter Effect on Tiktok?

To Get this Ai manga looking filter, open tiktok app after updating to the latest version and search for “Ai manga filter” on the search tool shown above the homescreen interface. the original one will be shown at the top of the results.

After selecting the Ai manga filter icon, the page the users wil be directed to a page with all videos made with it. to create a video just tap on the “Use this effect” option shown in red rectangle below on that page. wait for a second to open the tiktok camera and show your face on mobile phones front camera. then tap on the screen once, it take some seconds to show the output of your character!

also, you can use it from here to open it directly on the app!

Also, there is an option to choose any photo from the gallery also to check any others looks too! around 1 million+ creators arleady posted using it! the users cannot predict the output they receive after the loading screen on the tiktok camera.

How to get Ai manga Filter on Instagram?

Currently there are a lot of similar effect availble there to seach for effects check out following article to look up on instagram using name, but to get this type of perfect output we recommend using the tiktok, if it is not available on your region by using any Best VPN app and selecting other regions helps to access it.

Why Manga Effect Not Working on your device?

There are some resons why it will not works for you, they are listed below,

  • Using outdated version of IOS or Android devices
  • Using old Tik tok app without updating
  • Not availble in your country or region.

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