how to get snow glove and mitten glove in slap battles

How To Get Snow Ball and Mitten Glove In Slap Battles

Snowball glove and Mitten Glove is the newly released item on the Roblox slap battles game based on Christmas which comes with amazing abilities and features.

get snow glove and mitten slap battles

These new gloves have been added to the recent update that came on December 2 on the Roblox experience. players are now looking for the easiest way to unlock all of these without spending too much time on the game without knowing anything.

the developers are planning to add more items to this Christmas update to maximize the player’s experience and fun. recently there is another one also came out, if you do not find it yet, can check out, How To Get The Glitch Hand Glove in Slap Battles.

let us check out how to unlock all of them, step by step

How to get Snow Ball and Mitten Glove in Slap Battles Roblox?

In order to unlock the Snow Ball Gloves, first you have to collect the “Engineer Gift” Badge. only after completing the quest to claim the engineer will get the Snow Ball.

In order to do this the mitten glove should be equipped first, here are the steps

How to get Mitten Glove In Slap Battles?

To unlock the Mitten Gloves, a Lucky Gift badge is required. for this, you need to open the Gifts from people who have the mitten glove.

for that use the chat feature to ask everyone on the server or by looking up on the leaderboard as well. when that player uses it and presses the “E” letter on the keyboard will drop one gift to the ground from the sky.

When you collect it there is only a 1% of chance getting the badge and glove called mitten.

After getting the Mitten glove, from claiming the snow glove, equip the mitten and go to the Normal Arena door and enter there.

Then press the “E” button again and use the Gift Spawn ability again as followed on the mitten. for this, there is only 0.5% to claim the engineer’s badge award and snow while touching the Airdrop box.

get mitten and snow glove in slap battles

the box having the verified tick marks on the top have more chances than others. if the airdrop has the item hidden, it can be understandable when there is no sound while tapping on it. suddenly, on the below right side, a notification will be shown too that says the badge has been awarded!

when the player equips it has the ability to place the attacking tower by pressing E and throwing snowballs to attack other players and slow down their movements.

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