wealthclub9 prediction winning tricks groups payment proof

How To Use Wealthclub9 Prediction Win Tricks and Earning Proof

Wealthclub9 is a color prediction game that can be used to make real money by selecting or predicting the right color pattern coming next after a fixed time in the game. by joining wealthclub9 WhatsApp groups and telegram groups will get the right direction to select the colors. many users earn lakhs of profit only by following certain tactics and color patterns correctly and through referral methods.

wealthclub9 prediction game tricks

Many people are now talking about the wealthclub9 game’s possibilities and the payment proof they got after winning it. still, users have doubts about its working and think that it’s fake or not. till now it works well and provides payments to the players instantly after placing the order in a few hours or minutes.

If you are a new user and still have doubts we will also provide the wealthclub9 color game payment proof also in this article, also you can easily learn how to use it well and play and win most of the selections by following the tricks and analyzing the trend charts accordingly.

This platform has been working for 2 years and still gives good payments to the daily players in their work time. people who take risks are earning through it by sitting at home without going for any other jobs. a lot of videos have been seen on many platforms like youtube, Instagram, etc by sharing their experiences using this color prediction app.

For New and Existing Users To Get Extra Bonus Referral Code

For new users just Sign Up from here with the 12320010 referral code and recharge with 300 or more will get extra bonus of Rs 200 to 350 Rs extra cash on your account after joining the game from this link. Users already having an account can also try creating a new account by using another mobile number too! Recharge with a higher amount has more chances of getting more!

wealthclub9 referral code

After signing up on Wealthclub9 by using the code 12320010 the luck envelope will be credited to your working account. then can be joined to the telegram groups and WhatsApp groups by contacting after providing the screenshot with the registered no via Instagram.

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How To Use Wealthclub9 Prediction game App?

This Wealthclub9 app is really an easy method to make money online. to use it you have to add some amount to the created account. To recharge, tap on the Enjoy tab shown below and select “Recharge’ shown on the top. then enter the required amount of more than 300 and select recharge. using phonepe, gpay, amazon pay, etc are supported!

After adding the balance it will be shown on the top side of the balance area. on the enjoy tab there are some options available like Green color, red color, and Violet. violate is a very rare one so make sure to avoid selecting it while playing.

Wealthclub9 Prediction Win Tricks and Earning Proof?

choosing red or green is always good after analyzing the trend pattern correctly. for beginners make sure to avoid playing with huge amounts that can lead to a big loss, use small recharges at first, and only after learning certain tactics and tricks go a bit bigger ones. good players having patience made lakhs by using 3000 and referrals commissions.

sharing the referral invitation codes and links are also the best method to make a decent profit from the app. users have a good following and more friends can take this opportunity well.

for the people who are looking for the withdrawal or payment proof of this wealth club here, it is provided in the screenshot below,

wealthclub9 withdrawal and earning proof

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