how to get glitch glove hand slap battlles

How To Get The Glitch Hand Glove in Slap Battles

The Glitch hand glove is the newly released item on the Roblox slap battles game that comes with excellent abilities and powers that help defeat enemies very quickly.

how to get the glitch glove hand in slap battles

using this ability on a player makes them spin around in the air for a few seconds. one tap affects more than one player and comes with 52 power and speed 16. most players who own top gloves assume that this new item is one of the best ones which can beat any other gloves.

slap battle is an interesting multiplayer fighting game on Roblox experience. by using different hand gloves that have unique powers. here players have to fight with players by slapping to earn points to collect the latest items and quests.

For unlocking any of these items badge awards are required. to earn awards some required task needs to be completed as well. the latest update has been released on 25th November and introduced new things in the game.

so let’s check out how to claim it,

How to get the Glitch Hand in Slap Battles Roblox?

In order to get the “Glitch Hand” Slap battles, a badge called “01010.. binary digits” should be unlocked first. basically, these long numbers mean “RUN” and while decoding the description it says “what have you unleashed”.

on the icon also while zooming in a code is visible there too, which means the sky above opens up, fallen down and a corrupted glove as well.

So while decoding these texts to get this glove you have to collect any orb with the error glove (it can be unlocked by 20000+ slaps). there are phase orbs with a 5%-8% chance of, jet Orb of fight with 10-12 chances.

make sure to avoid VIP servers because it will not work there. it takes up to 10 minutes to spawn any of the orbs in the normal arena area.

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after spawning the item just slap on the orb first with the error and touch it by holding it in order to get the badge award and the glitch glove!

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