how to do 2021 recap video edit

How To Do The 2021 Recap Reel Video Edit tutorial

The current year 2021 is to be an end in a few days and a new trend pop up now called losangelless 2021 recap video editing trend is now viral over Instagram reels and on tiktok as well, on this topic users are looking back to their memories that happened on the year 2021 as well.

2021 recap trend reel edit

many of us have a lot of best things happened in this year and you might be captured that moments, will be available in your camera roll. if you have a lot of different images you can also create this amazing trend using any video editing application available on your mobile device.

by creating a video you can simply show your followers briefly what’s best happened as a recap with more photos up to 93 added in it, another best part is if you add 93 photos or more its duration can be adjusted to less than 15 seconds if you make all photos duration to 0.1 seconds each.

If you add more photos to make a year recap of 2021, it will take more time because you need to adjust the duration one by one by selecting images you added to the timeline. some people have many doubts to edit the video and finding the right music used in these videos.

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So here we are gonna learn how to do this 2021 recap video editing tutorial using an iPhone or Android phone, for this, you can choose any of the video editing apps available on AppStore, if you are looking for a free one with no watermarks in it you can go for cap cut, inshot etc

How To Do 2021 Recap Reel Video Edit?

To create your own version of the 2021 Recap video, firstly open the video editor app (Inshot). Create a new project in the 9:16 ratio. then add a video clip you need to show at first and add all photos available up to 93 or more as you like.

2021 recap edit tutorial tiktok

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make sure all of them are adjusted in order. then adjust all photos and videos to fit the full screen. also if you are on inshot you need to remove the ending part.

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After that, you can get the losangelless 2021 recap music from here used in this trend and just import it to the timeline. After that adjust the first video duration to 3.2 seconds, Then adjust all remaining added images to the duration of 0.1 seconds.

if you have only photos below 40 you can adjust the duration to 0.2 seconds each. you can also add the text at beginning of the video like “My 2021 recap” etc as you like to add. after adjusting all of them you can tap on the Export option to save the video to your camera roll.

Thats how you can create the 2021 recap video, hope you all understand it very well and finish creating your own version video easily! after that you can post it on tiktok or insta as you wish to add.

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