how to beat professor evil week 53

How To Beat Professor Evil In BTD battles week 63

Hey, Gamers! still did not find How to beat professor evil in btd battles of the week 63? The Professor evil available in this btd weekly battle is really hard to fight with and you need to do or follow some strategy to beat it easily.

how to beat professor evil in btd battles week 63

Professor evil event happens weekly in this btd battle game, most of the players look for the solution every week because it may require a different method or need to apply a new strategy to compete with professor evil every new upcoming week. only by selecting certain powers and tricks to do it!

Users always try to beat it because after that you will get rewards in medallions. you can get up to 1500 easily after surviving the round. professor evil is a little harder to compete with. it looks like a monkey in this game, and he tries to beat us by sending the sending big attacks as rushes and will send bloons more fastly.

Bloons TD battles is one of the most liked free-to-play multiplayer strategy-based games available for ios and android mobile devices. that is also available on steam and web browser, windows phone, and fire ops as well! in this game you can play real-time battle with monkey vs bloons!

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how to beat professor evil in btd battles of week 63?

As of every week, you can’t apply the previous attack mode to win all of the rounds, because it will not work well and the professor will try to defeat you! so for this week 63 you need to follow a new strategy as well, so let’s start, here is how you can beat him.

how to beat professor evil week

To beat Professor evil in btd battles, you can follow this strategy provided in the following tutorial video, its really a trick challenge so you need to follow it more carefully.

This process can’t be described only through words all you have to do is watch any of the strategy videos available here we will try to add the best ones you can simply understand and follow to win the round without any confusion. you can also check out this video as well. it’s the more money you have in this game you can more easily compete with professor evils rushes send to you in that level.

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