how to get atmosphere marker and killbrick

How To Get Atmosphere Marker and Killbrick In Find The Markers

The latest Find the markers game update came on Roblox, new Atmosphere marker and Kill brick markers have been added! if you are tried hard and failed to find it you can find all of the new markers easily by following the steps and locations provided here!

how to get atmosphere marker in find the markers

Atmosphere marker– It is an insane marker with the high level of difficulty in finding, seen in the sky, so you must seek the opportunity to reach the sky

Killbrick marker- it is a hard marker with a hard level in finding it. Seen in the difficulty dimension and you need some parkour skills in finding both the markers.

There are exactly 175 markers in Roblox game they’re classified as easy, hard, difficult and insane according to the difficulty level in finding the markers that the gamer is looking for. Easy markers are left in open spaces but as the difficulty increases you may find steps to follow to reach your marker and exposing them. So you must go through it carefully and follow the instructions,

Find The Markers game developed it from a unique mind considering both the hide n seek ideas and the ecstasy in finding them. The markers are of different types and hidden in places where the gamer can find and collect them. There are many markers and if you follow the conventional rules you may be dragged into a hard time in finding the hardest markers, so you need us this article will fit your need in finding the markers that you’re looking for.

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How to get the atmosphere Marker In find the markers?

First, you need to understand the logic in the name, it is the atmosphere, right?

So it must be somewhere the atmosphere is too much you guessed it right, the sky!! But there is a problem how will you reach there? No worries!

There is a way to go to one of the house get inside and go to the fireplace where the chimney is and stand right inside it you will be then transported to the top of the chimney from there you can see steps upwards climb it then you reach the sky platform appears to be clouded with white color and stuff,

now here comes your skills in parkour you need to jump down to four white platforms then you reach a wider platform then search for a platform with balloons parkour there and take a balloon and you fly there is a circle around when you fly try not to touch it unless you need to land somewhere. After locating the marker land there and collect the marker, yeah booyeah.

Now how to get killbrick marker?

Killbrick marker is a native of difficulty dimension so you have to navigate there, after getting there yiu need to get to the orange stage by parkouring through green platforms reaching there go beyond the orange stage and you find a brown room where the killbrick marker is stored you can collect it from there. It is not very difficult right, I told yea you should keep a good watch on instructions.

how to get killbrick marker

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