get sunlight marker mic foilage

How to get Sunlight Marker, Mimic and Foilage in Find the Markers

Are you looking for how to find out the new Sunlight marker, mimic marker, and foilage marker locations on the map? right? here are the steps to collect or unlock them easily without spending time roaming around the map in the find the markers game!

how to get sunlight marker in find the markers

Find the markers is a Roblox hide n seek game. Inspired by the same themed games Roblox provides its version to the gamers. Exactly speaking there are 175 markers in Roblox. And the markers are categorized according to the difficulty level as Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme and Insane.

Easy markers are hidden in plain sight, the medium is the first level of tricking by hiding and the trend becomes more complex proceeding to Insane markers. And the game is named the same “Find the Markers “. The gamers should search in each biome to find hidden markers and it is a task! Especially when it comes to the three elusive markers sunlight, mimic, and foliage.

Now we can make ourselves familiar with the three difficult markers

Sunlight marker– It is yellow colored and stays in warm sunlight myth is that its encounter brings good luck.

Foliage marker –As obvious it is green colored and described to be seen in twilight forest at leaf dungeon.

Mimic marker – Its name says it all right? It mimics a pink marker and waits for the prey.

As you may have guessed mimic marker is the hardest to get. Just kiddin’ the methods are simple. But nothing is hard with proper guidance, right? Next, we may proceed to guidance.

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How to Get Sunlight marker in Find the Markers?

First of all the player should activate seven orbs at the washable kingdom. The first one is found under one of the ponds right side of the spawn. The second is a purple one and is seen behind the spawn. Next Yellow Orb is at the corner of the shop area.

Blue and the fourth orb can be located on the map the castle on the edge is the place. Then jump down to activate the fifth Orb. The next Red Orb can be seen at the left of the castle located in the stone tower. The last and seventh Dark blue orb can also be found in the tower.

After activating seven Orbs you can see an opened green arch adjacent to the seventh Orb proceed through it you can reach the base of the tower. You can go through the right passage and click on the blue mushroom to the left of the abyss to open the path.

Jump on the gate by climbing on the tree. Moving to the ledge of the rock you can see a ladder to the left of the ledge jump and reach the ladder and climb until you reach the secret room where the sunlight marker or Foliage marker or Mimic marker is stored. You can distinguish the markers using the color code or the specialty of the marker.

How to Get Mimic Marker?

in the following video, you can check out how to find Sunlight markers and mimic markers easily!

how to get mimic marker in find the markers roblox

How to get the FOLIAGE MARKER in Roblox Find the Markers?

To find the foilage marker you need to solve a puzzle first, after solving the puzzle by adjusting it in a specific order by going through the locations, after that you need to plant a seed and water it well 3 times, a green time bar will be shown in the left side, so you need to do it quicker!

get foilage marker

Go to the Arch door area and tap or click on the mushrooms in the 2 1 3 order and take out the water from the tub/pond shown there and go out by tapping the mushrooms and go back to the plant area 3 times. here you can checkout the following video for the locations and steps,

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