how to get unlock knuckles and shadow

How To Get Knuckles and Shadow in sonic speed simulator

Here we are going to check how you can get and unlock the new rare characters Knuckles skin and the shadow character in the Roblox Sonic speed simulator. this game is getting many updates recently which have also added sonic rider as well! you may have collected them before.

how to get knuckles and shadow in sonic speed simulator unlock locatiion

Knuckles is also based on sonic the hedgehog movie. Knuckles is the former rival and friend of sonic he is a red echidna that has insane speed. Guess the hardship of sonic!! here you can find the SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG skin location and knuckles character skin below as well,

How to get knuckles in sonic speed simulator?

Now to the part where we meet the ways to get knuckles skin..

  • The first part is to be ready it is by completing the lost valley obby at the green hill zone. If you’ve reached there you know that you’ve crossed level 25. Then you have to climb on Emerald hill where the knuckles card is waiting for you.
  • On entering the emerald hill zone you’ll notice a log bridge on the ground cross it then jumps to a platform near a crooked tree and move to the left edge of the platform. Then you’ll see a wooden tower with a spring.
  • Jump and reach then move on to floating islands
  • When you spot the knuckles card jump over the vending machine a move through the loop and the speed boost platform brings you to the knuckles card right to you.
how to get knuckles in sonic speed simulator

And hurray you’ve got your knuckles card. Not a big deal it’s only hard until it is done.

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How To Unlock Shadow the Hedgedog in Sonic Speed Simulator?

Shadow sonic is now a mystery as only the preview is obtained of the skin but there are various assumptions by which the gamers expect in obtaining the much-awaited skin. Some of them are

  • As free gifts.
  • A bad assumption is that it is obtained as an item in a shop requiring money.
  • Hidden under a secret line which is hard as it can be quite difficult in completing the task.
  • It could be included in weekly updates
  • As time-based rewards that unlock after a certain period of time

It is still a mystery how will shadow arrive in a sonic speed simulator, and expected as grand it would be. So fasten your belts the shadow is on its way if it is a quest to find a shadow you should need to level up your games and collect all the needed for his arrival.

how to unlock shadow sonic speed simulator

Sonic is the most loved animation character in animation movies. And Roblox game platform just gave life to the most beautiful animation, to gamers it is their new adventure. It is not only sonic other characters are also getting introduced to the gaming platform like a shadow, knuckles, etc. And gamers love it.

Roblox is intended to be popular among children but not only children the teen and the population also take it seriously and because of this, but you also get help in obtaining the skins and powder ups in shortcuts. We are here for the same to help you to get what you want.

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