get chomic stardust maldin find the markers

Get Chomik marker Stardust and Malding in Find The Markers

After releasing the new version update in the Roblox find the markers every player wants to know how to get the chomic marker, stardust marker, malding, moonstone, locations right? from this guide you can easily unlock all of them from the hidden location in the find the markers game!

how to get chomic marker stardust and malding in roblox find the markers

This game is very interesting and fun to play one which is mostly used by teens and adults too as well, there are 197+ markers available there, so you need to unlock them by completing some tasks or by reaching the specific locations as well, epic items are very hard to find! the difficulty will be different for some of them.

recently also added ways to unlock the Atmosphere Marker and Killbrick, if you have not got them you can easily collect them by reading that guide too! so here we are gonna find latest released items insane items,

How to get the Chomik Marker in Find the markers?

To Unlock the Chomik marker, you need to play fin the chomics game fore that follow these steps provided below, its little bit hard to do so do it more carefully

First of all you need to

  • open the markers session by tapping the first icon from the game interface
  • Then search for it by uisng the keyword “chomik” and hit enter
  • Now tap and open the properties page of the marker
  • you need tap on the game icon shown left to play the “find the chomiks” game
  • now you will go to other place and need to follow all of the hints to reach the chomik marker location

after teleporting to the new area in the find the chomiks just go to the right side as shown in the hints and reach the castle, here is how it looks like,

how to get chomik marker in find the markers

then reach the location by jumping through blocks, without hitting the laser lights. many players mantioned going without hitting the laser is little harder, they played more than 20 time to pass this stages. the best way is to move slowly by sticking throuhg the wall side and jump over if wanted.

after completing that you will reach a closed door location with a small gap, just go through that and walk straight. now you can notice a statue right there, now simply go behind it to get the chomik marker!

How to get Stardust Marker?

stardust marker is an insane difficuilty item. in the hints its shows you need a tool to open vent! it is located in the secret location in the map so you guys need to go through these areas in the game.

How to get Malding Marker?

malding marker can be found by going above the sky area. to do this reach the chimney area of the house buliding. and climp the steps carefully and reach the secret area. from there jump down to the steps you can see this malding below the steps as well, so you need to collect it very carefully by falling down. you many need to do the steps again and again to touch it!

how to get malding marker

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