lucky prada capcut edit trend

How To Do Lucky Prada Capcut Template Edit Tutorial

New Viral and trending video edit on capcut called lucky Prada edit is now used by many creators on tiktok and Instagram reels! right now most of us want to do the same edits by adding our own style images because the music beats and the video edits make it lit!

lucky prada capcut template edit

Here people use 2 of the best images and type their name names and nationality flags and horoscope symbols etc you can edit and add any of the text as you like during the beats.

many people also don’t know the exact music used in this lucky prada trend, so that original music track name is DJ Gucci Prada Louis Rakhim remix on tiktok is available on youtube as well, editing video from the scratch takes more time and patience on every editing applications.

So here we are going to check how to create this new thing easily in one tap, so you don’t need to add any music manually from your mobile device! right now around 55k users already used this template as well.

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How to Do Lucky Prada Capcut Template Edit Tutorial?

You can create the Lucky Prada edit very easily by using the Capcut Application. All you have to do is by just apply a template of this trend or use it. by using these capcut edit templates, you will be able to apply the edits in one click by simply selecting the images you want to add to the video easily! this app works well on both the iPhone and Android as well, without any issues.

Do to do this just Apply this template provided here and click on use it, it will automatically open the apps page, then you need to select 2 of your amazing pics from the camera roll and click on next and wait for some time and it will automatically apply all of the wanted edits and transitions.

lucky prada capcut edit tutorial

Then you need to change the default texts used in it to rename to your own names, country, etc according to the photos your had selected!

if you are from India app may not work well, you may need to use the best VPN apps to start using it without any errors, other countries have no issues at all!

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