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How To Get Frog New Item In Wacky Wizards

Hey Wacky Wizards Players! Here you can find out How To Get Frog New Item In Wacky Wizards Location that you are now looking for! Recently on a new update also known as the goblin update came out and added a new ingredient in the list called Frog.

how to get frog new item in wacky wizards

In the wacky wizards game, there is also added a new location area as well, although to get the new item frog you may need to walk around and explore the new location available in the map and need to complete the simple quests as always provided in wacky wizards.

So here in this article, you can easily obtain the frog in wacky wizards and its location, etc by following all of the simple steps provided below, also please note that to obtain the new item, you need to know where is the goblin village located in the game well.

If you don’t know the exact new location of the goblin village you can find it on the left side of the volcano as well, you need to find that location first to complete the quests and get the frog as a new ingredient without any confusion!

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How To Get Frog New Item In Wacky Wizards Location

To get the Frog in the wacky wizards Roblox game, all you have to do is just follow all of the easy steps provided below,

  • First Go into the new location Goblin Village ( located left side of volcano near skateboard area)
  • Give Fat Goblin You Stew
  • Provide Goblin Leader with chilly ingredient Spicy Stew
  • Then Provide Child Goblin the Noodle stew
  • Then Give or feed Midget Goblin the Giant Stew
  • After that make a bean stew for Vegan Goblin and feed it
  • Now you can get the frog item after interacting with Goblin Leader in wacky wizards
get new item frog in wacky wizards

make sure to teleport to your cauldron, and make shrink ray potion with fairy and chameleon to make the fat goblin stew as well.

How to create Giant Stew?

You can make Giant stew by putting Giant ear into the cauldron and after getting that you can give it to midget goblin.

For making the Noodle Stew, go to goblin village and put the pool noodle into a pot after that give it to the child goblin.

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For making the Bean Strew by adding beans to the cauldron and after that give that stew to vegan. for creating the spicy stew you only want to use the chilly and provide it to the Goblin leader!

Here you can also check out the following video tutorial to know more in detail about how to get Frog in wacky wizards,

Hope you all like this article on How To Get Frog New Item In Wacky Wizards and its location well, for any doubts comment down below or ask on Instagram and subscribe to us to receive the latest updates on how to tech and tips instantly!

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