how to get tarot cards filter on tiktok

How To Get Tarot Cards Tattoo Filter Effect On Tiktok

Tiktokers are now wanted to know about How To Get Tarot Cards Tattoo Filter Effect On Tiktok? it is also have been using on many Instagram reels and stories! people always mention that when you try these tarot cards on your face camera using your mobile phone it shows the right tattoo on the screen that you have correctly!

how to get tarot cards filter effect on tiktok

People who have tattoos on their bodies are really interested in checking out this new filter available on the TikTok app. if you are also the person who had done tattoos you should give it a try today! users had made love 148k+ videos using this effect till now and growing day by day.

This Tarot cards effect only shows the random tattoo on the screen and it works perfectly with the people who don’t have tattoos too. because it’s made only for funny entertainment purposes that work only by Ar camera detecting your face.

Some users who tried finding this effect failed to get the original ones shown in the effects area, only for some users it’s showing in the effects or it’s not shown above the user name of the creator who also made a video using the effect.

So, if you are also facing this kind of issue while trying to access it from the app, here you can find the solution and easily get and use the tarot cards effect filter on TikTok without any issues that happened before!

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How To Get Tarot Cards Tattoo Filter Effect On Tiktok?

To Get or Do the Tarot cards filter you can try any of the following methods,

  • Find by searching directly on tiktok
  • Using the Direct effect link

To find the filter on TikTok you can simply open the TikTok app and on the explore page you will see a search bar on the top. once you tap on it the keyboard will show up. there you can enter “Tarot Card Filter” and select magnifying glass search icon shown next to it!

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There you go! now there will be the effect icon shown first, only by tapping it the effect assistant page will pop up and shows all of the videos made with it will be shown.

If you couldn’t find it by searching it use this Tarot cards filter from here it automatically opens the page full of videos on the bottom you will see an option to “Try This Effect” to open it on the recording camera. then tap and hold the record icon to start checking if it shows your right tattoo on the mobile screen!

What is the tarot tattoo card icon on tiktok?

here is how it looks like

get tarot cards filter on tiktok

How to fix The tarrot card filter is not available in the app?

If still you the effect is missing the effect or filter not available in your region, you can use BEST VPN PRO App for android and any similar app for ios users. after that you need to switch your location and clear cache of tiktok and open it again. then the effect will be shown there.

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