how to do hero or villain trend tutorial

How To Do Hero Or Villain Cartoon Trend On Tiktok

A new trend named would I be the Hero or villain cartoon video edit trend on tiktok and Instagram reels getting viral now! here people use a cartoon-looking photo effect on random four to five photos of their own using an app called “Prequel” which is available on both ios and android os as well.

am i the hero or villain cartoon trend

doing the Hero or villain trend on your favorite social media platforms at this time would definitely help you to attain more views and followers very easily because it’s a hot topic everywhere so there is more chance to blow us your videos to more audiences around the world!

some users might think that it’s a filter effect on tiktok and that photos will be shown automatically as well, but it’s now available now, so you have to use this prequel app yourself and apply a preset named Cartoon from the home screen interface.

so many users also wanted to find the original music audio used in these viral videos too, so that will be also included in this article!

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How To Do the Hero or Villain cartoon Trend On Tiktok?

To do the hero or villain video, As mentioned above by using the Prequel App you will be able to make cartoonish-looking photos without any issues easily, please make sure to choose best looking and clearer ones to get best output.

hero or villain trend filter tiktok

it may take some time to give you the output for the selected photo from the gallery, after that you can simply tap on the save option shown above the right side. then you can choose another 4 images (total 5) as you like from the camera roll and apply the same effect and save all of them.

After that, you can use inshot video editor app and create a new project in it. you have to add 1 video showing your current face looks at first and add 5 edited cartoon looking photos at last to the timeline. then by using the text typing tool and type – Am I a Hero or Villain? by using any font you like to use and adjust it!

then add the following original used in this hero villain trend song to the inshot app and adjust it to the following durations as mentioned here,

make first video or photo to 5.4 seconds, 2nd one to 1.5 sec, 3rd – 1.5 sec, 4th – 1.8 sec, 5th – 1.7 and 6th to 3.2 second carefully, it will perfectly sync well to the music beats!

That’s how you can easily create or check out if you are a hero or a villain, if you have any issues you can comment it down below as well.

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